If you are on a CC committee and would like to add a listing here, please send the following to (1) the committee name, (2) an about paragraph, and (3) the name of the contact person (POC).

Administrative Alliance

Chair or POC: Brooke Downs, Director of Student Life

Purpose: Communication and advocate internally and externally on matters to our membership and to the college as a whole through meaningful exchange between staff, administration, faculty and executive council.

Membership: Any Casper College employee who is classified as an administrator through their job description held at Human Resources is an eligible member.

Art Committee

Chair or POC: Valerie Innella Maiers, Art History Instructor

Purpose: The Casper College Art Committee is charged with recommending policy, placement, and preservation measures for the Casper College Art Collection. Additional considerations include reviewing existing paperwork such as accession forms, condition reports, storage concerns, and display considerations on campus and for museum exhibition loans. Cataloging and handling of individual artworks, as well as any grant writing toward collection concerns, is completed by the Committee Chair and records are housed in the Western History Center database. Minutes and recommendations for the collection are monitored by the Chair.

Membership: Current membership includes the Director of Casper College Museums as well as several members of the Visual Arts Department. Additional meetings are held with the Director of the Western History Center, Casper College Foundation Office, and collection stakeholders.

Assessment Committee

Chair of POC: TBA

Purpose: The Assessment Team provides facilitation, guidance, and communication regarding Casper College’s general education, student learning outcomes, and institutional assessment processes.

Membership: The A-Team consists of two faculty members from each school. There are no term limits for members. If a member chooses to step down, the assessment director works with the school’s dean to replace them. The chair of this committee is whoever is serving in the role of Director of Institutional Effectiveness. We meet every month on a Friday at 8:30 am in LH 298A. (Typically, the first Friday unless there is a schedule conflict.) Contact your assessment team members or the assessment office for up-to-date meeting times.

Behavioral Intervention Team

Chair or POC: Linda Toohey, Vice President of Student Affairs

Purpose: Collect and evaluate potential hazards to the campus community and accept reports from campus community members on behaviors they find concerning.

Membership: Decided by VP-Student Services (annual)

Benevolent Fund Committee

Chair or POC: Marge Christiansen, Director of Nursing

Purpose: The fund will provide assistance of up to $200 to help the employee pay for an emergency bill.

Membership: Volunteers from all three alliances.

Calendar Committee

Chair or POC: Linda Nichols, Registrar

Purpose: Develop academic calendars for Casper College students and employees.

Membership: Registrar, Academic Dean, 2 Faculty Representatives, 1 Student Services representative, Staff Alliance Rep, Admin Alliance Rep, HR Director.

Campus Safety & Emergency Response Committee

Contact: John Becker, Campus Security

Purpose: Confer on public safety and emergency management issues.

Casper College Security

  • Natrona County Crisis Management Plan
  • Sample Crisis Management Plan

Casper College Tri-Alliance

Purpose: To promote professional practices; active participation of all in the solution of institutional matters; and allegiance to a genuine spirit of professional ethics.

Membership: Chair and Vice-Chair of Faculty, Staff, and Administration alliances

  • Alliance Activities Committee: To plan and execute social events that support campus activities and to promote involvement in such activities by faculty, staff and administrators. Membership:  3 staff, 3 administrative, and 3 faculty members.  Nominations and elections are held at the alliance level.

College Council

Contact: Dr. Darren Divine, Casper College President

Purpose: College Council is a representative committee designed to foster and practice shared governance at the institution.  The committee not only discusses information to be disseminated across campus, but also makes final recommendations on college policies before they are sent to the Board of Trustees for consideration.

Membership: The president selects the positions represented on the council.  The membership consists of the president, the vice presidents of academic affairs, student services, and administrative services the executive dean of continuing education, public relations director, executive assistant to the president/board of trustees, the human resource director, the faculty senate chair and chair-elect, two other at-large faculty, the administrative alliance chair and chair-elect, the staff alliance chair and vice chair, and the student senate representative.

Social Science & Constitution Day Committee

Contact: Brianne Weigel & Heather Lloyd

Purpose:To host an annual seminar discussing who we are & our place in society & observe the U.S. Constitution.

Membership: Committee is comprised of various full-time faculty from the Social & Behavioral Science Departments.

Curriculum Committee

Chair or POC: Nathan Baker, Music Theory Coordinator

About: The mission of the Casper College Curriculum Committee is to assure the continuing excellence of curricular offerings at Casper College, including course offerings, degree requirements, certification requirements, and general education requirements.

Membership: Appointed by Deans with two nonvoting members, one from the Registrar’s office and one from Academic Affairs


Data Governance Committee

Chair or POC: Sara Pederson, Institutional Researcher

Purpose: Develop and maintain college-wide policies and procedures to ensure effective data management.

Membership: IR, Reps from Faculty Senate, Registrar, IT, Student Systems, Student Success, Dean’s Council, HR, Digital Learning, Finance Systems.

Datatel Users Roundtable (DURT)

Chair or POC: Linda Nichols, Registrar

Purpose: Increase collaborative efforts across Colleague users.

Membership: Primary users of Colleague.

Dean’s Council

Contact: Brandon Kosine, Vice President of Academic Affairs

Purpose: Discuss matters pertaining to the academic operations of the college.

Membership: VP-Academic Affairs, and Deans 

Demorest Humanities Festival Committee

Chair or POC: Valerie Innella Maiers, Art History Instructor

Purpose: The Humanities Festival and Demorest Lecture committee supports the yearly event by planning and implementing a three day schedule of guest scholars presenting on a topic chosen by committee. Recent topics include “Pilgrimage”, “Storytelling: The Development of Humanity”, and “Feast”. The group, composed of CC faculty, staff, and one student, UW staff, as well as community members, also plans hospitality, advertising, coordinates evaluation, and other considerations. Festival Scholars are selected by the Committee in August from a call for submissions. The Demorest Lecturer (Keynote) is often selected by the committee earlier to confirm availability. Recent Keynotes include Sir Ken Robinson, Baxter Black, and Jennifer Teege.

Membership: Traditionally, committee members have asked to be included. However, in recent years, committee members from additional CC schools have also been assigned. The committee has three new members from CC staff, the Goodstein Library staff, and for the first time, a UW staff member. The new members have already started meeting with the committee to evaluate the 2017 event and start planning for 2018.

Instructional Technology Committee (ITC)

Chair or POC: David Siemens, Director of the Digital Learning Center

Purpose: The Instructional Technology Committee supports faculty development within the digital learning environment, focusing on Best teaching practices and pedagogy. In addition, the group composed of CC faculty, staff, and student representatives implement standards based on QM rubric / online quality checklist.

Mission:  is to cultivate exemplary student learning environments that promote achievement, retention, and completion) at Casper College by providing instructors with quality and current professional development opportunities.

Membership: One member from each Academic School and an administrator.

Diversity Committee

Chair or POC: TBD

Mission: To identify the strengths, needs, and shortcomings in the area of “diversity” within the Casper College community and to recommend a plan of action to address those needs and shortcomings.

Action Items:

  • Research and summarize the issue of diversity and how it applies to Casper College.
  • Explore the current campus climate and demographics with regards to diversity, including but not limited to diversity of race, ethnicity, gender, income, and sexual identity.
  • Make a concluding report to the Administration summarizing the discoveries of the committee and making recommendations of whether and how the issue of diversity should be addressed going forward.

Membership: Initial appointment by the upper administration; since then by invitation.

Literary Conference

Chair or POC: Joseph Campbell, English Instructor

Purpose: Plan the Casper College Literary Conference

Membership: Members primarily are from the English dept.; others are contact people from sponsors and contacts and off-campus contractors.

Executive Council

Chair or POC: Dr. Darren Divine, Casper College President

Purpose: College planning and operation

Membership: President, IT Director, HR Director, and 3 Vice Presidents

Faculty Alliance/Faculty Senate

Chair or POC: Paul Marquard, Physics/Engineering Instructor & Tanis Lovercheck-Saunders, History Instructor

Purpose: The Faculty Alliance, of which the Faculty Senate is a representative sub-group, exists “to further the overall objectives of Casper College and seek to determine and establish, through consultation, advice, and participation, educational and academic policies which promote and protect the interests and welfare of the College and further the full and free development and preservation of learning and teaching.”

Membership: All faculty members are members of the Alliance. Faculty Senate Membership: including officers, there are 3 representatives from each of the 5 academic schools and 1 representative from each- Educational Resources and Continuing Education (17 members)

HLC Accreditation Team (Steering Committee)

Chair or POC: TBD

Purpose: The Accreditation Team’s mission is proactively to advise the College on all significant matters related to maintaining institutional accreditation by the HLC. Other missions may arise as College needs dictate.

Membership: Volunteers, with Deans’ approval

Institutional Review Board

Chair or POC: Scott Woods, Statistics Instructor

Purpose: The purpose of the Institutional Review Board is to: 4.1 The IRB reviews and approves research and grant proposals to ensure research conducted at, or in association with, Casper College is designed to ensure the protection of rights and the welfare of human subjects. 4.2 The IRB reviews research and grant proposals involving animal research designs to ensure compliance with the college’s research procedures. 4.3 Studies involving animals will secure any additional review by appropriate agencies when required (e.g., National Institutes of Health, Food and Drug Administration). 6.1 The IRB is responsible for reviewing and approving, requesting modification, or denying research and grant proposals to ensure research conducted at, or in association with, Casper College protects the rights and welfare of human and animal subjects.

Membership: Membership is open to college employees and is on a volunteer basis

Jazz Festival Committee

Chair or POC: Joshua Mietz, Music Instructor

Purpose: Oversee the Casper College Kinser Jazz Festival. Make important decisions including the festival schedule.

Membership: Membership is determined by automatically placing the 3 festival directors on the committee, as well as the Academic Assistant for Fine Arts & Humanities.

Judith Bailey Scully Award Committee

Chair or POC: Jodi Youmans-Jones, Dance Instructor

Purpose: This committee awards the Judith Bailey Scully Award for faculty participating in resourcing their educational teaching experiences on and off campus. The function is to decide the recipient of the annual award.

Membership: Committee members are previous recipients of the award.

Management Council

Chair or POC: Chelse DePaolo-Lara, Director of Adult Education and Lifelong Learning

Purpose: To facilitate discussion of institutionally important topics, ideas, and projects

Membership: Deans, Directors, and other management-level employees

Mentoring Committee

Chair or POC: Pete Van Houten, Dean of the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences & Rachel Chadderdon, Dean of the School of Business, Industry, and Workforce Development

Purpose: Designed to introduce new faculty (and sometimes administrators) over the course of their first year to the inner workings of the college, services, and opportunities available to faculty, teaching pedagogy, academic advising, and a variety of other topics.

Membership: Faculty volunteers or recruiting by the deans from the Schools.

New Student Orientation

Chair or POC: TBA

Purpose: Plan and Implement New Student Programs that “orient” degree-seeking students to the academic attendance process at Casper College.

Membership: A combination of student services staff and administrators and faculty contribute.

Outstanding Student Employee Committee

Chair or POC: TBA

Purpose: Nominate student employees for Outstanding Student Employee of the year.

Membership: Career Services asks individuals who do not supervise student employees to serve as committee members, in order to preserve objectivity. The committee consists of three members: one faculty member, one staff member, and career counselor Wes Bertagnole.

Policy Committee

Chair or POC: Kathleen Martin, Assistant Director of Human Resources

Purpose: The Policy Committee is responsible for researching, drafting, distributing, and managing the policy process for new and revised institutional policies and procedures and the policy sections of the Academic Catalog, Student Handbook, Housing Terms and Conditions, and Athletic Handbook. The committee also recommends policies for decommissioning.

Membership: The Policy and Procedure Committee is made up of two members from each employee alliance and a committee chairperson who are all appointed by the college president. The president solicits three or four names of people willing to serve on the committee from each alliance for his consideration. The president appoints the chair and the committee members.

Redstone Recital and Gallery Series Committee

Chair or POC: (interim) Julia Whyde, Dean of the School of Fine Arts and Humanities

Purpose: Provides educational enrichment and cultural opportunities for the college and the greater community.

Membership: Assigned by the Dean of Fine Arts and Humanities.

Safety Committee (Physical Plant)

Chair or POC: Dmitriy Nesterenko, Safety/Facility Planning Analyst

Purpose: Physical Plant safety committee was created to develop safety programs and solve issues related to the safety of Physical Plant employees.

Membership: Determined by the Director of the Physical Plant

Salary and Benefits Committee

Chair or POC: Kent Sundell, Geology Instructor

Purpose: Review faculty salaries and benefits and consider changes to the salary schedule and benefits pertaining to the College.This has commonly included recommendations to the administration on how raises are applied in regard to how it affects the salary schedule, especially compression in the schedule.The committee also selects the winners for annual faculty awards (Rosenthal and Shanklin Awards).

Membership: One from each School of the College.

Scholarship Committee

Chair or POC: Laurie Johnstone, Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Purpose: The scholarship Committee is two-phased. To begin with, we have the reviewing scholarship committee that reviews and scores all students who have applied for Casper College Scholarship online through the scholarship management program. The second phase is the selection committee that selects scholarships recipients for specific departmental scholarships.

Membership: The review committee is comprised of Casper College alumni and retired faculty, staff, and administrators. We meet every fall and spring semester to score applications. The individuals reviewing could change from semester to semester. The selection committee is comprised of individuals from each of the five schools.

Staff Alliance

Chair or POC: Falon Cole, Administrative Assistant for Community Education

  • Staff Alliance Employee of the Month Committee
  • Staff Alliance Robert O. Durst Award Committee
  • Staff Alliance Executive Committee
  • Staff Alliance Developmental Funds Committee

Purpose: To encourage high-performance standards among Casper College classified staff employees, hereinafter designated as “staff”; aid in securing and maintaining adequate salaries and sound retirement systems; to support legislation for the betterment of higher education; to encourage improvements as will enable staff to function properly as a vital component to the progress of education at Casper College, and show recognition for retirement and meritorious service.

Membership: All benefitted classified staff are members of the staff alliance.

Student Fees Committee

Chair or POC: Lynnde Colling, Vice President for Administrative Services, Vice President for Student Services

Purpose: To review, establish and make recommendations of student fees

Membership: All three VP’s, and others as needed or outlined in policy.

Student Senate

Chair or POC: Jared Bowden, Physics Instructor

Purpose: To encourage students to exercise their rights and privileges as citizens and to accept leadership in campus and civic affairs.

Membership: Vice President of Student Services, Faculty representative, and elected students

Student Senate Student Activities Board

Chair or POC: Chris Stier, Student Activities Coordinator

Purpose: The purpose of the Student Activities Board is to be the liaison between the Student Activities Office and Student Senate. This board is responsible for giving input on activities and special events, putting on a Student Senate yearly special event in partnership with the Student Activities Office as well as helping coordinate the student activities required for all campus clubs.

Membership: Four committee chairs from Student Senate recruit other students to serve on the committee.

Technology Committee

Contact: Kent Brooks, Director of Information Technology

Purpose: To offer guidance for the use of technology, increase the efficiency of college operations, support teaching, and enhance student learning.

Membership: Faculty/Staff core is appointed by Academic Affairs; Student appointees from Student Services; Additional membership appointed by IT.

United Way Campaign Committee

Chair or POC: TBA

Purpose: The committee oversees Casper College’s annual employee campaign each fall to raise money for the United Way of Natrona County.

Membership: The president of the college appoints the members of the campaign each year. The members tend to serve two to three years and often represent one of the three employee groups: staff, administrators, and faculty.