Hathaway Scholarship Appeal for Initial Eligibility Form

  • Casper College is required by Hathaway Scholarship Rules and Regulations to measure Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) at the end of each spring semester for Hathaway recipients. Hathaway recipients are required to complete at least 6 credit hours per semester if considered part-time for Hathaway payment or 12 hours if considered fulltime. The minimum Hathaway GPA requirement is 2.25. Recipients are also required to maintain continuous enrollment. Students who fail to meet these standards become ineligible to receive the scholarship in subsequent semesters. If these standards were not met due to extenuating circumstances the recipient may appeal their eligibility. Circumstances must be of good cause such as a death or tragedy in the family or personal accident or illness. To appeal scholarship eligibility, the student must complete this form and return it with appropriate documentation such as copies of medical bills, or statement from physicians, psychologists, or other professionals and/or death certificate to Enrollment Services. The petition will be reviewed to determine if Hathaway Scholarship funding will be reinstated. Please contact the Hathaway Scholarship Coordinator with any questions regarding this process. Appeals which are denied can be appealed to the Wyoming Department of Education.
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