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Cybersecurity (formerly Computer Security)

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Cybersecurity is a dynamic field of study. It is designed to meet the changing needs related to the threats and vulnerabilities of cyberspace. If you are the type of individual who likes the challenge of ever-changing opportunities to learn, then we invite you to come and be part of this exciting field of study at Casper College.

There is an overwhelming need for a new generation of professionals who are trained and educated to meet the demands of information assurance in the 21st century.

Business organizations from all industries could have computer vulnerabilites and be susceptible to malicious attacks:

  • Government entities at all levels
  • Critical infrastructures related to refineries, generation of electricity and pipelines
  • Businesses that drive our economy
  • Healthcare industry
  • Financial institutions

The Associate of Science degree:

  • Provides a foundation for future professional growth
  • A transfer degree for those who want to get a four-year degree in cybersecurity, computer security, or a related field of study

The Associate of Applied Science degree:

  • Not intended to be a transfer degree.
  • Provides you with a solid foundation as an IT support person.
  • Cybersecurity is a dynamic field of study and will need you to upgrade and learn new skills on a constant basis. Students with this degree are eligible for CCENT certification.

The certificate:

  • An abbreviated study of information assurance
  • Helps working individuals update their current skills
  • For other individuals wanting to pursue focused, but limited, training in cybersecurity
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Degrees and certificate

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Academic Assistant, School of Business and Industry
Office: BU 103
Dean, School of Business and Industry
Office: BU 103