Student Activities: FAQs | Casper College, Wyoming

Student Activities: FAQs

Where do I go to sign up my team?

You can either print out the roster sheets and waiver forms from this web site, fill them out and turn them into the activities office, register online at  OR.. you can come into the Student Activities office in UU 405 and pick up the forms there.

How many people can I have on a team?

It depends on the sport. Check the info sheets for each sport on this web site and you will find your answer there.

When can I register?

That depends on the sport as well. Most of the registration times are about two weeks from the start date and close the Thursday or Friday before the week of play to allow for league set up and scheduling. Make sure you check the activities schedule on the front page for registration dates. We offer men's, women's and co-rec leagues in most sports.

How will I know when other activities put on by the Student Activities office are going on?

Once again, check the activities schedule, it will have the date, time, location and activity listed out for you. There will also be reminders and fliers for all activities put up throughout campus, on this website and on our Facebook and Twitter pages that will keep you in the loop.