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Course (Prefix-Number-Section) Section title Year Semester Course prefix Course number Section Instructor PDF of syllabus
MKT 2000-01 E-Marketing 2017 Spring MKT 2000 01 Garner, Virginia 2017sp_mkt2000_01.pdf
ACCT 1905-N1 Practical Accounting I 2017 Spring ACCT 1905 N1 Becker, Gary 2017sp_acct1905_n1.pdf
ACCT 2010-01 Principles of Accounting I 2017 Spring ACCT 2010 01 Becker, Gary 2017sp_acct2010_01.pdf
ACCT 2010-N1 Principles of Accounting I 2017 Spring ACCT 2010 N1 Becker, Gary 2017sp_acct2010_n1.pdf
ACCT 2110-N1 Quickbooks Online 2017 Spring ACCT 2110 N1 Becker, Gary 2017sp_acct2110_n1.pdf
ACCT 2420-N1 Intermediate Accounting II 2017 Spring ACCT 2420 N1 Becker, Gary 2017sp_acct2420_n1.pdf
ADDN 2005-60 Group Process 2017 Spring ADDN 2005 60 Ordiway, John 2017sp_addn2005_60.pdf
ADDN 2010-H1 Addiction Assessment 2017 Spring ADDN 2010 H1 Quealy-Berge, Diana 2017sp_addn2010_h1.pdf
ADDN 2015-H1 Ethics & Professional Issues 2017 Spring ADDN 2015 H1 Quealy-Berge, Diana 2017sp_addn2015_h1.pdf
ADDN 2100-H1 Foundations of Substance Use Disorder Counceling II 2017 Spring ADDN 2100 H1 Quealy-Berge, Diana 2017sp_addn2100_h1.pdf
ADDN 2155-H1 Motivational Interviewing 2017 Spring ADDN 2155 01 Ordiway, John 2017sp_addn2155_01.pdf
AGEC 1020-01 Agricultural Economics II 2017 Spring AGEC 1020L 01 Reagan, Tyler 2017sp_agec1020_01.pdf
AGEC 1020-N1 Agricultural Economics II 2017 Spring AGEC 1020 N1 Reagan, Tyler 2017sp_agec1020_n1.pdf
AGEC 2020-H1 Farm and Ranch Business Management 2017 Spring AGEC 2020 H1 Jones, Todd 2017sp_agec2020_h1.pdf
AGEC 2300-N1 Agricultural Marketing 2017 Spring AGEC 2300 N1 Reagan, Tyler 2017sp_agec2300_n1.pdf
AGRI 1010-N1 Agricultural Computers 2017 Spring AGRI 1010 N1 Jones, Todd 2017sp_agri1010_n1.pdf
AGTK 1580-N80 Outdoor Recreation: Guiding and Outfitting 2017 Spring AGTK 1500 N80 Jones, Todd 2017sp_agtk1580_n80.pdf
AGTK 1590-80 Packing and Outfitting 2017 Spring AGTK 1590 80 Jones, Todd 2017sp_agtk1590_80.pdf
ANSC 2020-01 Feeds and Feeding 2017 Spring ANSC 2020 01 Hornecker, Heath 2017sp_ansc2020_01.pdf
ANTH 1200-01 Intro to Cultural Anthropology 2017 Spring ANTH 1200 01 Rodkey, Evin 2017sp_anth1200_01.pdf