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Filing CabinetThe Office of the Registrar and Student Academic Records is committed to supporting the academic mission and vision of Casper College by:

  • Ensuring the integrity, accuracy, and security of student academic records
  • Providing academic support services to students, faculty, staff and alumni


  • Course Catalog
  • Graduation/Commencement and the awarding of degrees
  • Degree Audits to verify student progress
  • Transfer credit evaluation
  • Academic transcripts
  • Enrollment verifications
  • Final examination schedule
  • FERPA questions
  • Academic Calendar
  • Scheduling courses and instructional space in a fair and efficient manner
  • Athletic eligibility
  • International student information
  • Petitions for late or complete withdrawal
  • Appeals for academic forgiveness

These services are completed according to institutional policies and standards, as well as, state and federal laws and regulations.

Portrait Linda Nichols


Portrait Nita Romero
Associate Registrar


Portrait Pamela Honken
Student Records Specialist


Portrait Erin Siems
Student Records Specialist


GraduationImportant Graduation Deadlines and Dates

  • December 1 - Application Deadline for Fall Graduation
  • April 1 - Application Deadline for Spring Graduation
  • July 16 - Application Deadline for Summer Graduation

The commencement ceremony takes place once a year following the end of the Spring Semester. It is typically held on the Friday evening following final exam week at the Casper Events Center.

Fall and Summer graduates are also encouraged to participate in the commencement ceremony.

WALK, with your classmates. YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID.

Tips for SuccessStudent at Casper College

  1. Plan Ahead:
    Know your AA from your AS; your AB from your AFA— the many different degree and certificate programs Casper College has to offer. The AAS degree is different from the AA or the AS in that it prepares you for immediate entry into the workforce. These are often careers in health care, paralegal, vocational trades and information technology. The AA, AS and AB, on the other hand, provide the foundation for lower division baccalaureate requirements and transfer to a four year institution.

  2. Certificate of Completion
    To qualify for a certificate of completion, a student must be enrolled as a degree seeking student and complete, with a grade point average of 2.0 or better, one of the certificate programs listed under the various department curricula.

  3. Transfer all of your previous college course work to Casper College.
    Most coursework from other accredited institutions will be accepted and applied towards your Casper College degree. AP or CLEP test scores that you have taken may also be applied toward your degree. Bring your scores with you or send them along with your application.

  4. Set a Goal.
    Plan your class schedule with your general education requirements and degree program in mind. Don't wait to start thinking about your transfer school. Check out the transfer tables located around different parts of the campus in the early spring. Do some research and make your connections now to avoid taking classes that may not transfer. Your transfer school ultimately makes the decision whether to accept, or not accept, your Casper College courses.

  5. Develop a relationship with your academic advisor.
    Find an instructor from your major area of study and start talking. Your advisor can offer experience and advice on area schools and programs. If you have been assigned an advisor you are not comfortable with, go to the Registrar's Office and request a new advisor.

  6. Attend and participate in your classes.
    Attendance counts. Make grades a priority and take classes that you know will count towards your degree at Casper College and your transfer school.

  7. Be ahead of the game.
    Check with your advisor that you are on track for graduation. A candidate for graduation must file an application for graduation with the Office of the Registrar. A degree or certificate evaluation and an "application for graduation" should be completed and on file in the Office of the Registrar before the candidate's final semester registration.

  8. You've graduated, now what?
    Look for a job or finalize your plans to your transfer school. Most employers/colleges require official copies of your college transcript. In order for Casper College to send your official transcript, you must complete a transcript request form and take, mail or fax this form to the Office of the Registrar. This request with your signature is required by the Registrar before an official transcript can be sent.

  9. Graduate with Distinction.
    Students receiving associate degrees who have earned a minimum of 32 semester hours (semester hours attempted as defined in "grade averages" at Casper College and who have attained a cumulative GPA of 3.8 or better in Casper College coursework are graduated "with distinction."

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