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You are invited to attend New Student Orientation!
(Please RSVP below)

New student orientation is intended to help you learn about Casper College:

  • what we expect from you
  • services we offer
  • how to be successful
All new students must attend one orientation session.

August 22nd or 23rd
Check-in @ Union Building

If you will be driving, please park by the Gateway Building and walk to the Union.

This day will include indoor activities and some walking outdoors around campus, so be sure to wear comfortable clothing and shoes.

Fall 2014 New Student Orientation
Session I: 8 AM- 12:30 PM Friday, August 22nd
Arrive at 8 AM
Session II: 12:30 PM - 5:00 PM Friday, August 22nd Arrive at 12:30 PM
Session III: 8 AM- 12:30 PM Saturday, August 23rd Arrive at 8 AM


RSVP Deadline has passed, Please arrive early for on-site name tag and event registration

Check-in at Union Building Plaza (1st floor)

Student Orientation

For more details call (307) 268-3605

Fall Semester Classes begin August 25, 2014

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