Employee Directory

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First Name Last Namesort descending Title Department Main Phone View Directory Listing
Maggie Abbott-Wills Employee Benefits & Risk Specialist Human Resources 307-268-2227 Maggie Abbott-Wills
Pat Allen Supervisor, Custodial Services Custodial Services 307-268-2695 Pat Allen
Patrick Amelotte English Instructor Faculty 307-268-2729 Patrick Amelotte
Dale Anderson Fire Science Instructor Faculty 307-268-2361 Dale Anderson
Justin Anderson Security Officer Security 307-268-2688 Justin Anderson
Susan Anderson Program Coordinator-Casper Mountain Science School CMSS 307-268-3113 Susan Anderson
Nubia Arana Nurse Educator Faculty 307-268-2282 Nubia Arana
Steve Armijo Diesel, Auto Mechanics Crew Leader 307-268-2719 Steve Armijo
Kayla Armstrong Student Success Case Manager 307-268-2604 Kayla Armstrong
David Arndt Electronics Technology Instructor Faculty 307-268-2521 David Arndt
Karen Arnold Lifelong Learning Specialist 307-268-2099 Karen Arnold
Eric Atkins World Languages Instructor (Spanish) Faculty 307-268-3116 Eric Atkins
Brandi Atnip Biology Instructor Faculty 307-268-2541 Brandi Atnip
Nathan Baker Music Theory Coordinator Faculty 307-268-2538 Nathan Baker
Gary Becker Accounting Instructor Faculty 307-268-2242 Gary Becker
Marilyn Begg Custodian Physical Plant 307-268-2038 Marilyn Begg
Wesley Bertagnole Student Success Counselor Student Services 307-268-2392 Wesley Bertagnole
Becky Bishop Accounts Payable Specialist Finance and Accounting 307-268-2449 Becky Bishop
Robin Bisiar Athletics Administrative Assistant Athletics 307-268-3000 Robin Bisiar
Shaule Bisiar Custodian Physical Plant 307-268-2038 Shaule Bisiar
Nathan Blank Political Science Instructor Faculty 307-268-2272 Nathan Blank
Jonathan Blesi Electronics Technology Instructor Faculty 307-268-2459 Jonathan Blesi
David Bodily Health Science Simulation Program Director Faculty 307-268-2322 David Bodily
Dana Boe Grants Specialist Grants Office 307-268-2015 Dana Boe
Teresa Bogucki Educational Resources Specialist Educational Resources 307-268-2679 Teresa Bogucki
Kara Bokor Custodian Physical Plant 307-268-2038 Kara Bokor
Tammy Bolinger Custodian Physical Plant 307-268-2038 Tammy Bolinger
Jared Bowden Physics Instructor Faculty 307-268-2064 Jared Bowden
Lori Bower Fitness Center Assistant Athletics 307-268-2553 Lori Bower
Denise Bressler Chief Financial Officer - Foundation Foundation 307-268-2215 Denise Bressler
Kaela Bretz Paramedic Technology Instructor Faculty 307-268-2589 Kaela Bretz
Kent Brooks Director of Information Technology Department of Information Technology 307-268-2703 Kent Brooks
Evert Brown Biology Instructor - Greenhouse Director Faculty 307-268-2407 Evert Brown
Les Brown Custodian Physical Plant 307-268-2038 Les Brown
Paul Brutsman Drafting & Design Technology Instructor Faculty 307-268-2529 Paul Brutsman
Karen Buettner-Price Nurse Educator Faculty 307-268-2683 Karen Buettner-Price
Douglas Bull Music (Brass/ Band) Instructor Faculty 307-268-2628 Douglas Bull
Larry Burger Sound Design Instructor Faculty 307-268-3320 Larry Burger
Cindy Burgess Switchboard Operator Department of Information Technology 307-268-2110 Cindy Burgess
Richard Burk Theatre Instructor Faculty 307-268-228 Richard Burk
Jeremy Burkett Agriculture Instructor, Livestock Judging Coach Faculty 307-268-2417 Jeremy Burkett
Laura Burnett Community Education Specialist Continuing Education 307-268-3399 Laura Burnett
Becky Burton Student Success Office Assistant Student Services 307-268-2089 Becky Burton
Emily Busby Residence Hall Area Coordinator Student Services 307-268-2851 Emily Busby
Kim Byrd Vice President for Student Services Student Services 307-268-2210 Kim Byrd
Joseph Campbell English Instructor Faculty 307-268-2387 Joseph Campbell
Peggy Candelaria Administrative Assistant, Student Life Student Services 307-268-2394 Peggy Candelaria
Mindy Carlisle Admissions Representative Student Services 307-268-2491 Mindy Carlisle
Chris Carlson Grounds and General Maintenance - Mechanic I Physical Plant 307-268-2038 Chris Carlson
J.P. Cavigelli Museum Collections Specialist Tate Museum 307-268-3008 J.P. Cavigelli
Rachel Chadderdon Simulation Center Project Manager School of Health Science 307-268-3041 Rachel Chadderdon
Ashley Chadwick Online Communications Coordinator Public Relations 307-268-2273 Ashley Chadwick
John Chase Biology Instructor Faculty 307-268-2898 John Chase
Kathy Chong Computer Software Technician Department of Information Technology 307-268-2869 Kathy Chong
Marjory (Marge) Christiansen Nurse Educator Faculty 307-268-2252 Marjory (Marge) Christiansen
Russ Christiansen Paramedic Program Director Faculty 307-268-2693 Russ Christiansen
Paul Christman Director of Purchasing Purchasing 307-268-2633 Paul Christman
Brian Clark Network Technician Information Technology 307-268-2858 Brian Clark
Donnie Claunch Library Specialist - Evening Circulation Library 307-268-2651 Donnie Claunch
Tonya Clemens Enrollment Services Specialist Student Services 307-268-2458 Tonya Clemens
Kathy Coe Academic Assistant, School of Fine Arts & Humanities School of Fine Arts and Humanities 307-268-2606 Kathy Coe
Lynnde Colling Vice President for Administrative Services Administrative Services 307-268-2232 Lynnde Colling
Connie Colman Adult Learning Center Instructor & Outreach Coordinator Adult Learning Center 307-268-2128 Connie Colman
Melissa Connely Earth Science Instructor and Klaenhammer Earth Science Chair Faculty 307-268-2017 Melissa Connely
Bill Conte Theatre Instructor Faculty 307-268-3117 Bill Conte
Lynn Cook Administrative Assistant, Physical Plant Physical Plant 307-268-2597 Lynn Cook
Anna Corvera Dance Instructor Faculty 307-268-2261 Anna Corvera
Ronald (Ron) Coulter Music (Percussion) Instructor Faculty 307-268-2532 Ronald (Ron) Coulter
Andrea Covert GEAR UP Student Success Team Lead GEAR UP 307-268-2082 Andrea Covert
Jennifer Cowell Music (Strings/Orchestra) Instructor Faculty 307-268-2531 Jennifer Cowell
Lindsey Craig Office Assistant, School of Science School of Science 307-268-3025 Lindsey Craig
Chris Crisp Campus Security Officer Campus Security 307-268-2688 Chris Crisp
Vincent (Vince) Crolla Western History Center Archivist Western History Center 307-268-2131 Vincent (Vince) Crolla
Dan Dalen Physical Education Instructor - Director, Athletic Training Athletics 307-268-2518 Dan Dalen
Jan Dalgarno Executive Assistant to the President & Board of Trustees President's Office 307-268-2547 Jan Dalgarno
Ann Dalton Workforce Training Specialist Center for Training and Development 307-268-2085 Ann Dalton
Kevon Davis Assistant Men's Basketball Coach Athletics 307-268-3305 Kevon Davis
Brice Day Custodian Physical Plant 307-268-2038 Brice Day
Janet de Vries Director, Student Success Services Student Services 307-268-2446 Janet de Vries
Michael (Mike) Deal Digital Learning Center Technical Coordinator Digital Learning 307-268-2486 Michael (Mike) Deal
Chelse DePaolo-Lara Adult Learning Center Director Adult Learning Center 307-268-3036 Chelse DePaolo-Lara
Nick DeSalvo Mathematics Instructor Faculty 307-268-2504 Nick DeSalvo
Janet DeVoogd Adult Learning Center ESL Instructor Adult Learning Center 307-268-4030 Janet DeVoogd
Thomas (Thom) DeVoogd Education Instructor Faculty 307-268-2226 Thomas (Thom) DeVoogd
Daniel Dike Enrollment Services Specialist Enrollment Services 307-268-2113 Daniel Dike
Darren Divine President President's Office 307-268-2548 Darren Divine
Paulann Doane Executive Director, Casper College Foundation Foundation 307-268-2684 Paulann Doane
Laura Driscoll Executive Dean, Continuing Education Continuing Education 307-268-2733 Laura Driscoll
Melody Dugan Adult Learning Center Administrative Assistant Adult Learning Center 307-268-2230 Melody Dugan
Joseph (Joe) Dutro Enterprise Systems Administrator Information Technology 307-268-2331 Joseph (Joe) Dutro
David Dutton Enterprise Software Administrator Information Technology 307-268-2403 David Dutton
John Dyrek Custodian Physical Plant 307-268-2038 John Dyrek
Vince Edmondson Painter Physical Plant 307-268-2715 Vince Edmondson
Jason Eggemeyer Drafting Instructor Faculty 307-268-2409 Jason Eggemeyer
Paula Epperson Enrollment Services Specialist Enrollment Services 307-268-2207 Paula Epperson
Judith (Judy) Ernwall Custodian Physical Plant 307-268-2038 Judith (Judy) Ernwall
Charles Ewing World Languages Instructor (German and French) Faculty 307-268-2849 Charles Ewing
Lori Fichman Nurse Educator Faculty 307-268-2241 Lori Fichman
Evan Fife Graphic Designer Public Relations 307-268-2457 Evan Fife
Marty Finch Agriculture Instructor Faculty 307-268-2595 Marty Finch
Jason Finkle Campus Services I Physical Plant 307-268-2245 Jason Finkle
Patti Finkle Director of Museums Museums 307-268-3026 Patti Wood Finkle
Lynn Fletcher Institutional Researcher Institutional Research 307-268-2211 Lynn Fletcher
Beth Floyd Librarian Library 307-268-2257 Beth Floyd
Kyla Foltz Director, Admissions Services Enrollment Services 307-268-2111 Kyla Foltz
Philip Fors Grounds and General Maintenance - Mechanic I Physical Plant 307-268-2554 Philip Fors
Sheila Foster Custodian Physical Plant 307-268-2038 Sheila Foster
Dawn Francis Custodian Physical Plant 307-268-2038 Dawn Francis
Paul Francis Grounds Maintenance I Physical Plant 307-268-2554 Paul Francis
Erich Frankland Political Science Instructor Faculty 307-268-2490 Erich Frankland
Tammy Frankland Dean, School of Health Science School of Health Science 307-268-2495 Tammy Frankland
Gail Gallagher Nurse Educator Faculty 307-268-2668 Gail Gallagher
Danielle Gallegos Enrollment Services Specialist Enrollment Services 307-268-2112 Danielle Gallegos
John Ganley Shipping and Receiving Assistant Physical Plant 307-268-2209 John Ganley
Ginny Garner Hospitality and Marketing Instructor Faculty 307-268-2600 Ginny Garner
Shelby Garner Enrollment Services Specialist Enrollment Services 307-268-2205 Shelby Garner
Diane Ginsbach Mathematics Instructor Faculty 307-268-2866 Diane Ginsbach
Bryan Goltermann Preventive Maintenance Technician Physical Plant 307-268-3332 Bryan Goltermann
Tara Goltermann Early Childhood Learning Center Teacher Early Childhood Learning Center 307-268-2586 Tara Goltermann
Lisa Goss Veteran and Hathaway Scholarship Coordinator Student Services 307-268-2510 Lisa Goss
Heather Graham Custodian Physical Plant 307-268-2038 Heather Graham
Megan Graham Electronics Technology & Robotics Technology Instructor Faculty 307-268-2539 Megan Graham
Dora Granados Custodian Physical Plant 307-268-2038 Dora Granados
Kimberley (Kim) Grant Health Science Simulation Lab Assistant School of Health Science 307-268-2327 Kimberley (Kim) Grant
Dallen Griffith Enterprise Data Coodinator Information Technology 307-268-3729 Dallen Griffith
Renee Griffith Education Instructor Faculty 307-268-2426 Renee Griffith
Chuck Griswold Telecommunications Systems Technician Information Technology 307-268-3050 Chuck Griswold
Anna Grywalski Theatre Instructor Faculty 307-268-2614 Anna Grywalski
Anthony Guerriero English Instructor Faculty 307-268-3880 Anthony Guerriero
Dwight Gunnare Women's Head Basketball Coach Athletics 307-268-2627 Dwight Gunnare
Douglas (Doug) Hall Communication Instructor, Director of Forensics Faculty 307-268-2496 Douglas (Doug) Hall
Sandy Hanify Facilities Scheduling Coordinator Facilities 307-268-2265 Sandy Hanify
Chad Hanson Sociology Instructor Faculty 307-268-2219 Chad Hanson
Renee Hardy Academic Assistant - School of Science School of Science 307-268-2513 Renee Hardy
Blake Harkins Carpenter Physical Plant 307-268-2715 Blake Harkins
Dustin Harland Campus Services I Physical Plant 307-268-2245 Dustin Harland
Cynthia Harrison Graphic Design Instructor Faculty 307-268-2673 Cynthia Harrison
Tracy Hasely Director, Student Health Services Student Services 307-268-2263 Tracy Hasely
Russell Hawley Tate Museum Education Specialist Tate Museum 307-268-2890 Russell Hawley
Justin Hayward Art (Drawing & Painting) Instructor Faculty 307-268-2663 Justin Hayward
Audrey Hentzen Director, Medical Lab Technology Program - Medical Lab Technology Instructor Faculty 307-268-2632 Audrey Hentzen
Jo Ann Heron Accounting Assistant Finance and Accounting 307-268-2622 Jo Ann Heron
Brent Heuer Disability Services Counselor Student Services 307-268-2557 Brent Heuer
Holly Hills Office Assistant, School of Fine Arts and Humanities School of Fine Arts and Humanities 307-268-2021 Holly Hills
Mark Hladik Learning Center Specialist - Math School of Science 307-268-2378 Mark Hladik
Alison Hofer Adult Learning Center Instructor Adult Learning Center 307-268-2664 Alison Hofer
Cassady Hoff Occupational Therapy Assistant Program Director Faculty 307-268-2867 Cassady Hoff
Tracey Hollister Mathematics Instructor Faculty 307-268-2545 Tracey Hollister
Pam Honken Student Records Specialist Student Services 307-268-3212 Pam Honken
Heath Hornecker Agriculture Instructor Faculty 307-268-2525 Heath Hornecker
Terri House Assistant Director of Financial Services Finance and Accounting 307-268-2691 Terri House
William (Bill) Hout Carpenter II Physical Plant 307-268-2715 William (Bill) Hout
Jennifer (Jenny) Howie Systems Programmer Information Technology 307-268-2034 Jennifer (Jenny) Howie
Heather Huber Nursing Program Director Faculty 307-268-2717 Heather Huber
Jill Hughes English Instructor Faculty 307-268-2383 Jill Hughes
Daniel (Dan) Hurtado Campus Security Officer Security 307-268-2688 Daniel (Dan) Hurtado
Melissa Hyde Early Childhood Learning Center Teacher Early Childhood Learning Center 307-268-2586 Melissa Hyde
Lisa Icenogle Editor and News Coordinator, Public Relations Public Relations 307-268-2372 Lisa Icenogle
Valerie Innella Maiers Art History Instructor Faculty 307-268-2060 Valerie Innella Maiers
Kendall Jacobs Mathematics Instructor Faculty 307-268-2043 Kendall Jacobs
William (Bill) Jensen Custodian Physical Plant 307-268-2038 William (Bill) Jensen
Alexia Johnson Respiratory Therapy Clinical Education Coordinator Faculty 307-268-2470 Alexia Johnson
Chauncy Johnson Director, Human Resources Human Resources 307-268-2025 Chauncy Johnson
Jason Johnson Agriculture Instructor/Assistant Livestock Judging Coach Faculty 307-268-2040 Jason Johnson
Richard (Rick) Johnson Clinical Education Coordinator, Radiography Faculty 307-268-2718 Richard (Rick) Johnson
Scott Johnson Anatomy & Physiology Instructor Faculty 307-268-2001 Scott Johnson
Jordan Johnson Communication Instructor, Assistant Director of Forensics Faculty 307-268-2875 Jordan Johnson
Lisa Johnson English Instructor Faculty 307-268-2045 Lisa Johnson
Ashley Johnson Statistics Instructor Faculty 307-268-2560 Ashley Johnson
Laurie Johnstone Scholarship and Enrollment Services Systems Coordinator Student Services 307-268-2636 Laurie Johnstone
Lance Jones Director, Campus Security / Judicial Review Security 307-268-2672 Lance Jones
Pam Jones Center for Excellence Training Coordinator Center for Excellence 307-268-2639 Pam Jones
Todd Jones Agriculture Instructor Faculty Todd Jones
Ronald (Ron) Kaehn Maintenance Technician I Physical Plant 307-268-3332 Ronald (Ron) Kaehn
James Kane Campus Security Officer Security 307-268-2688 James Kane
Erin Kay ECLC Receptionist/Bookkeeper Early Childhood Learning Center 307-268-2586 Erin Kay
Kelly Keenan Biology Instructor Faculty 307-268-2302 Kelly Keenan
Robert (Bob) Kelly Custodial Crew Leader Physical Plant 307-268-2038 Robert (Bob) Kelly
Michael (Mike) Keogh Photography Instructor Faculty 307-268-2697 Michael (Mike) Keogh
Guadalupe (Lupe) Kerr Academic Assistant, School of Health Science School of Health Science 307-268-2235 Guadalupe (Lupe) Kerr
Ardell Knudson Engineering Instructor Faculty 307-268-2248 Ardell Knudson
Daniela Koleva Library Specialist - Accounting and Office Support Library 307-268-2650 Daniela Koleva
Brandon Kosine Interim Dean - School of Social and Behavioral Science Social and Behavioral Science 307-268-2221 Brandon Kosine
Ken Kreckel Extractive Resources Technology Instructor Faculty 307-268-3457 Ken Kreckel
Mary Kubichek Paralegal Instructor Faculty 307-268-2618 Mary Kubichek
Fred Kuck Radiography Instructor Faculty 307-268-2239 Fred Kuck
Mark Kuhlman Mathematics Instructor Faculty 307-268-2369 Mark Kuhlman
Debra (Deb) Kuhn Testing Center Specialist Academic Testing Center 307-268-3850 Debra (Deb) Kuhn
Jeana Lam-Pickett BOCES Program Specialist BOCES 307-268-3309 Jeana Lam-Pickett
Robyn Landen Director of Financial Services / Controller Finance and Accounting 307-268-2362 Robyn Landen
Benjamin (Ben) Lareau English Instructor Faculty 307-268-2382 Benjamin (Ben) Lareau
Brett LeClair Custodian Physical Plant 307-268-2038 Brett LeClair
Leslie LeClair Custodian Physical Plant 307-268-2038 Leslie LeClair
Patti Legler Nurse Educator Faculty 307-268-2277 Patti Legler
Joseph Lengel Custodian Physical Plant 307-268-2038 Joseph Lengel
Kevin Lenth Computer Science Instructor Faculty 307-268-2519 Kevin Lenth
Kristen Lenth Music (Voice) Instructor Faculty 307-268-2685 Kristen Lenth
Mary Lewallen Student Success Specialist Student Services 307-268-3315 Mary Lewallen
Donald (Don) Lewis Computer Support Technician Information Technology 307-268-2778 Donald (Don) Lewis
Melissa Litke ECLC Team Leader Early Childhood Learning Center 307-268-2586 Melissa Litke
Luba Looper Custodian Physical Plant 307-268-2038 Luba Looper
Elizabeth Loro Custodian Physical Plant 307-268-2038 Elizabeth Loro
Joseph Loro Custodian Physical Plant 307-268-2038 Joseph Loro
Heidi Loucks Nurse Educator Faculty 307-268-2234 Heidi Loucks
Tanis Lovercheck-Saunders History Instructor Faculty 307-268-2348 Tanis Lovercheck-Saunders
Kenneth (Ken) Lowe Custodian Physical Plant 307-268-2038 Kenneth (Ken) Lowe
Leanne Loya Student Success Counselor Student Services 307-268-2231 Leanne Loya
Laura Lucero Publications Coordinator Public Relations 307-268-2845 Laura Lucero
Stephanie Lyman Office Assistant, School of Health Science School of Health Science 307-268-2855 Stephanie Lyman
Marianne Madariaga Nurse Educator Faculty 307-268-2485 Marianne Madariaga
Bernardino (Dino) Madsen Medical Lab Technology Instructor Faculty 307-268-2522 Bernardino (Dino) Madsen
Nancy Madura Art/Illustration Instructor Faculty 307-268-2507 Nancy Madura
Christine Maguire Employment and Recruiting Specialist Human Resources 307-268-2358 Christine Maguire
Kerri Mahlum Department Chair, Education; Early Childhood Education Instructor Faculty 307-268-2430 Kerri Mahlum
Trevor Mahlum Dean of Educational Resources Educational Resources 307-268-2133 Trevor Mahlum
Sarah Mailloux Librarian Library 307-268-2137 Sarah Mailloux
Michael (Mike) Malone Process Control Technology Instructor Faculty 307-268-3124 Michael (Mike) Malone
Stephanie Marker GEAR UP Student Success Advisor GEAR UP 307-268-2904 Stephanie Marker
Paul Marquard Physics & Engineering Instructor Faculty 307-268-2250 Paul Marquard
Clint Marsh HVAC Technician Physical Plant 307-268-2360 Clint Marsh
Roberta (Robbi) Marvel Flex Lab Director Faculty 307-268-2523 Roberta (Robbi) Marvel
Shereen Matheson Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs Academic Affairs 307-268-2229 Shereen Matheson
Karel Mathisen Public Relations Assistant Public Relations 307-268-2456 Karel Mathisen
Brad Matthies Director, Goodstein Foundation Library Library 307-268-2036 Brad Matthies
Bill Mayfield Custodian Physical Plant 307-268-2038 Bill Mayfield
Charles Mayfield Construction Technology Instructor Faculty 307-268-2674 Charles Mayfield
Mark McCool Machine Tool Technology Instructor Faculty 307-268-2508 Mark McCool
Kevin McDermott Mathematics Instructor Faculty 307-268-2704 Kevin McDermott
Maggie McGee Adult Learning Center Instructor Adult Learning Center 307-268-2128 Maggie McGee
Jacob (Jake) McIntyre Mathematics Instructor Faculty 307-268-2769 Jacob (Jake) McIntyre
Toshia McIntyre Testing Center Specialist Academic Testing Center 307-268-3850 Toshia McIntyre
Cody McLean Custodial Crew Leader Physical Plant 307-268-2038 Cody McLean
Michael (Mike) McLemore Digital Learning Audio Visual Coordinator Educational Resources 307-268-2009 Michael (Mike) McLemore
Katie McMillan Grants Office Coordinator Grants Office 307-268-2488 Katie McMillan
Adrian McNamee Assistant Women's Volleyball Coach Athletics 307-268-3089 Adrian McNamee
Sarah McNamee Assistant Women's Basketball Coach Athletics 307-268-3091 Sarah McNamee
Eric Mechalke Chemistry Instructor Faculty 307-268-2450 Eric Mechalke
Mark Mehn Chemistry Instructor Faculty 307-268-2370 Mark Mehn
Kyle Melton Theatre Instructor (Scenic Lighting/Design) Faculty 307-268-2374 Kyle Melton
Barb Meryhew Director of Student Life Student Services 307-268-2249 Barb Meryhew
Diane Mestas Mail Clerk Physical Plant 307-268-2609 Diane Mestas
Joshua Mietz Music Instructor Faculty 307-268-2246 Joshua Mietz
Ashley Mikels Workforce Training Specialist Center for Training and Development 307-268-2124 Ashley Mikels
Mitchel (Miko) Millan Chemistry Instructor Faculty 307-268-3017 Mitchel (Miko) Millan
Teresa Millan Digital Learning Specialist Digital Learning 307-268-3882 Teresa Millan
Anna Miller Enrollment Services Specialist Enrollment Services 307-268-2503 Anna Miller
Darin Miller Welding Instructor Faculty 307-268-2278 Darin Miller
Kelsee Miller Adult Learning Center Instructor Adult Learning Center 307-268-2895 Kelsee Miller
Scott Miller Assistant Human Resources Director Human Resources 307-268-2010 Scott Miller
Karen Moenkhaus English Center Director Faculty 307-268-3324 Karen Moenkhaus
Michael Moline Physical Education Instructor Faculty 307-268-2259 Michael Moline
David (Dave) Mondle Grounds/General Maintenance Mechanic II Physical Plant 307-268-2554 David (Dave) Mondle
Joyce Mondle Office Assistant, School of Business and Industry School of Business and Industry 307-268-2389 Joyce Mondle
Jeffery (Jeff) Morris Diesel Power Technology Instructor Faculty 307-268-2451 Jeffery (Jeff) Morris
Dean Neal Building Systems Mechanic Physical Plant 307-268-3458 Dean Neal
Melissa Neff Occupational Therapy Assistant Instructor-Fieldwork Coordinator Faculty 307-268-2054 Melissa Neff
Dmitriy Nesterenko Safety/Facility Planning Analyst Physical Plant 307-268-2050 Dmitriy Nesterenko
Sarah Neubauer Theatre and Dance Department Assistant Fine Arts and Humanities 307-268-2365 Sarah Neubauer
Douglas Neubert Respiratory Therapy Program Director Faculty 307-268-2544 Douglas Neubert
Libby Ngo Library Specialist - Acquisitions and Cataloging Library 307-268-2637 Libby Ngo
Linda Nichols Registrar Enrollment Services 307-268-2220 Linda Nichols
Matthew (Matt) Nickodemus Mathematics Instructor Faculty 307-268-2770 Matthew Nickodemus
Linda Nix Associate Director-Alumni Relations Foundation 307-268-2218 Linda Nix
Scott Nolan Business Instructor Faculty 307-268-2506 Scott Nolan
Sarah North Assistant Library Director Library 307-268-2549 Sarah E. North
Shelly Norvell Administrative Assistant, Information Technology Information Technology 307-268-2315 Shelly Norvell
Kathleen (Kathy) Nottingham Associate Controller Finance and Accounting 307-268-2852 Kathy Nottingham
Danny O'Donnell Diesel Mechanic/Fabricator Physical Plant 307-268-2554 Danny O'Donnell
James (Jim) Olm Music Theatre/Voice Instructor Faculty 307-268-3716 James (Jim) Olm
Michael Olson Art (Ceramics) Instructor; Visual Arts Program Director Faculty 307-268-2509 Michael Olson
John Ordiway Psychology Instructor Faculty 307-268-2281 John Ordiway
Rodney Oster GEAR UP Student Success Advisor GEAR UP 307-268-2903 Rodney Oster
Liz Ott Accounting Instructor Faculty 307-268-2493 Liz Ott
Dennis Otto Custodian Physical Plant 307-268-2038 Dennis Otto
Mark Oxley Accounting & Business Instructor Faculty 307-268-2414 Mark Oxley
Reyes (Ray) Pacheco GEAR UP Regional Director GEAR UP 307-268-2842 Ray Pacheco
Steve Padilla Custodian Physical Plant 307-268-2038 Steve Padilla
Tom Parker Agriculture Instructor - Rodeo Coach Faculty 307-268-2262 Tom Parker
Justin Pederson IT Network Coordinator Information Technology 307-268-2481 Justin Pederson
Justin Pehrson Digital Media and Sports Information Coordinator Public Relations 307-268-2266 Justin Pehrson
Jennifer (Jenn) Pepple Workforce Training Specialist Center for Training and Development 307-268-2381 Jennifer (Jenn) Pepple
Margo Perry Academic Testing Center Coordinator Academic Testing Center 307-268-2212 Margo Perry
Patrick Perry Maintenance Technician I Physical Plant 307-268-3096 Patrick Perry
Scott Perry Supervisor Grounds Maintenance Physical Plant 307-268-2554 Scott Perry
Tanya Peterson Enrollment Services Specialist Enrollment Services 307-268-2354 Tanya Peterson
Kelsey Phillips Environmental and Natural Sciences Instructor Faculty 307-268-2873 Kelsey Phillips
Marilee Pickering Payroll Specialist Human Resources 307-268-2675 Marilee Pickering
Kelly Politte Nurse Educator Faculty 307-268-2279 Kelly Politte
Sharyn Polley Biology Instructor (Online courses) Faculty - Online 307-268-2513 Sharyn Polley
Vicki Pollock Lifelong Learning Specialist - OLLI OLLI 307-268-2097 Vicki Pollock
Thomas (Tom) Popilek Supervisor Buildings/Maintenance and Operations Physical Plant 307-268-3297 Thomas (Tom) Popilek
Dustin (Chantz) Potter Ranch Manager School of Science Chantz Potter
Shawn Powell Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs Academic Affairs 307-268-2550 Shawn Powell
Debbie Price Computer Support Technician Information Technology 307-268-2442 Debbie Price
Debbie Przybylowicz Purchasing Specialist Purchasing 307-268-2035 Debbie Przybylowicz
Diana Quealy-Berge Addictionology Instructor Faculty 307-268-2590 Diana Quealy-Berge
Kathleen Quinn Custodian Physical Plant 307-268-2038 Kathleen Quinn
Elliott Ramage Assistant Director of Donor Relations, CC Foundation Foundation 307-268-2325 Elliott Ramage
Terry Rasmussen English Instructor Faculty 307-268-2480 Terry Rasmussen
Christopher (Chris) Raymond Automotive Technology Instructor Faculty 307-268-2386 Christopher (Chris) Raymond