Director of Assessment
Melissa Stahley-Cummings, Ed.D.


NEW: Course Evaluation Institutional Results

This semester's Institutional Student Learning Outcomes Feedback Reports created by faculty scorers:

Casper College Course Evaluation Policy
All credit-bearing courses will be evaluated

SemesterOnline Course EvaluationWhen
Summer 2016End of Term Course EvaluationJuly 17-24
Fall 2016End of Term Course EvaluationNov 20-Dec 4
Spring 2017End of Term Course EvaluationApril 23-May 7
Casper College Assessment Mission
As an accredited institution, Casper College is committed to implementing an assessment plan that will produce clear evidence of student learning. The institution will guide and support learning facilitators in the systematic documentation of student learning and will disseminate such documentation both to the college community and the community at large.
Casper College Institutional Student Learning Outcomes

As graduates of Casper College, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate effective oral and written communication 
  2. Use the scientific method
  3. Solve problems using critical thinking and creativity
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of diverse cultures and historical perspectives
  5. Appreciate aesthetic and creative activities
  6. Use appropriate technology and information to conduct research
  7. Describe the value of personal, civic, and social responsibilities
  8. Use quantitative analytical skills to evaluate and process numerical data

Institutional Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Feedback Reports

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Rubrics


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