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Helpful Tips for the Student During Quarantine

1. Wake up and go to bed at the same time as you do during school. Try to have the same morning routine you had during school- even if it is later in the day. If you sleep in, start your routine at that time.

2. Get ready every day & maintain good hygiene. Don’t let your hygiene slip even though you have nowhere to go. You should practice looking nice for yourself as a form of self-care. It will boost productivity and self-esteem and just make you feel so much better on a daily basis. 

3. Continue your commitment to studies. Use this time to focus on school and get your grades up now that you have more time but at the same time don’t beat yourself up if you are doing worse, because things are very different and there are a lot of external factors that could be influencing your productivity levels right now.

4. Designated spot for all of your school stuff and you ONLY sit there. Ex: If you want to be on your phone go to a different place so you don’t associate that place with distractions

5. Designate time to talk to your friends virtually. Human interaction is SO important for being happy and healthy. Just because we are isolated doesn’t mean we need to skip out on the health benefits that our friends give us. Be creative in how you implement seeing friends or talking to friends during the day. There are so many amazing apps that allow you to spend time with your friends either talking or there’s even a lot of games you can play remotely with your friends! I recommend adding to your to-do list to talk to at least two people every day. This will automatically make you feel more normal and less isolated!

6. Don’t do high dopamine releasing activities before doing your school work. This is one of my biggest productivity hacks- this means if you go on your phone, watch tv or YouTube, it will be so much harder to start you work than if you do your work right away and use those activities just for a reward at the end of the day.

7. Seek outside help. Casper College’s Wellness Center has trained professional counselors available to talk through reactions to quarantine (and any other life issues). They are available via zoom when you are in quarantine. Reach out to them at 307-268-2255.

8. Time management is essential. Try to stick to a normal schedule and do stuff when you typically would so you don’t get behind. And try to only focus on school work during the week so you have a break on the weekend if possible. Also setting timers during the day (ex: 4 hours) will help you stay focused then give yourself a break as a reward.

9. Schedule out when assignments are due, you aren’t getting reminded in person. Google calendar is a great way to do this because it notifies you to ensure you won’t forget an assignment or due date!

11. Add Self-care and movement into your day so your stress levels don’t get too high It is helpful to get some kind of movement when you are feeling up to it. Yoga, stretching, or bodyweight workouts can be helpful for getting the blood flowing. Call a friend, meditate, journaling, doing a facemask. All are helpful for increasing self care during quarantine.

Content adapted from nutritionandtherapy.com  

News and Events

New Koru sessions for the fall! See below for details.
Koru Mindfulness Course: Sign Up Now!

Location: UU 202

Each semester, the Campus Wellness Center offers Koru Mindfulness, an evidence-based curriculum specifically designed for teaching hands-on mindfulness, meditation, and stress management skills to college students. It’s a four-week, one hour per week class, and we use the book, “The Mindful Twentysomething,” by Holly Rogers (available for check out from The Wellness Center or the CC Library, or for purchase from the CC Bookstore). The course helps participants learn to manage stress and negative thinking, to improve their sleep, to focus and study better, and to simply enjoy life more. It’s also a great way to meet and interact with other students! Each class has a limit of 10 attendees, and we will meet in room 315 of the Union. Masks are required to participate this fall. Join us for the journey!