School of Health Science

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Whether you’re passionate about healthcare, fitness and wellness, or science, the School of Health Science at Casper College has nine departments to help you find a great match to a meaningful career in the helping people professions.

Unique opportunities for students in the School of Health Science:

  • Students have direct access to exemplary faculty and resources including an inter-professional Health Science Simulation Center.
  • Up graduation, you will have developed the skills needed for licensure examinations or certification that enable you to seek well-paid employment in a diverse array of facilities.
  • Casper College’s university partners welcome graduates into their online bachelor’s degree programs so they may work and earn additional degrees needed to advance in healthcare organizations.
Casper College Sim Center reaccredited

Casper College Sim Center reaccredited

The Casper College Health Science Simulation Center has been reaccredited by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare. The reaccreditation is valid through Dec. 31, 2026.

Contact Info

Lupe Kerr

Academic Assistant, School of Health Science

Jeff McCarty

Dean, School of Health Science

Office hours (PDF) for faculty in the School of Health Science

Health Science Student Handbook(PDF)