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Earn your associate degree in aviation while also working toward a commercial pilot’s license through the aviation program, a partnership between Casper College and Crosswind Aviation.

What are the features of Casper’s program?

The primary goal is to provide students with educational opportunities that could lead to future employment in commercial aviation.

Crosswind Aviation is a flight school located at Natrona County International Airport in Casper, WY. Crosswind Aviation has a fleet of five aircraft and three full time instructors to meet every student’s flying needs.

Academic coursework takes place at Casper College. Students are required to schedule three flight sessions per week, which are scheduled around school as well as work schedules. Students will meet with a Crosswind Aviation instructor upon enrollment and set their schedule for that semester. Full-time students should complete the program at a lower cost than competitor flight schools in four semesters and be prepared for employment as a commercial pilot.

Aviation classes are held at the airport, where students can enjoy the exciting atmosphere of flying. Students are welcome to hang out at the flight school, which often lends itself to opportunities to observe maintenance, get extra flying time in, or become an active part of the department. If your dream is to fly, you owe it to yourself to visit Casper College and Crosswind Aviation.

What can I do with this major?

Employment info

Possible job titles include agricultural pilot, airline pilot, corporate pilot, air taxi pilot, flight instructor, and charter service pilot.

Learn more about wage ranges for those employed in Wyoming as well as the general occupational profile for commercial pilots.

What are the special admission requirements, if any?

International students must be a US citizen in order to enroll in the flight training program. This is in congruence with SEVIS regulations.

Are there additional costs?

The degree program has the standard Casper College tuition and fee expenses plus a large additional cost to cover the actual flight training. Flight training depends on aircraft hourly rates which cover the aircraft, fuel, insurance, and instructor costs. These costs are paid directly to Crosswind Aviation.

What courses would I take?

For requirements and more information about this program, view its listing in the academic catalog:

Interested in online learning?

All or a portion of the courses in this program may be available online. Learn more about online programs and courses at Casper College.

Contact Info

Rachel Wright

Academic Assistant, School of Business and Industry

Brian Park

Crosswind Aviation, 307-472-4359

Robbi Marvel

Dean, School of Business and Industry