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Personal Training

The personal training certificate program prepares individuals for certification as a personal trainer that leads to employment in health and fitness clubs, wellness centers, public and private recreation facilities, hospitals and corporate fitness programs. Certified personal trainers perform a variety of instructional and administrative duties for their clients including but not limited to instruction in human anatomy and physiology, fitness techniques, exercise science, personal training, nutrition and customer service.

Certificate info

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Certificate requirements
  • BIOL 1000 - Introduction to Biology I (4CR) 
  • HLED 1006 - Personal and Community Health (3CR) 
  • PEPR 1005 - Introduction to Physical Education and Sport (2CR) 
  • PEPR 1052 - Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries (3CR) 
  • PEPR 2030 - Motor Learning (3CR) 
  • PEPR 2135 - Personal Trainer Education (3CR) 
  • PEPR 2136 - Sports Nutrition (3CR) 
  • ZOO 2040 - Human Anatomy (3CR) 
  • ZOO 2041 - Human Anatomy Lab (1CR) 
  • ZOO 2110 - Human Physiology (4CR) 
Academic Assistant, School of Health Science
Office: HS 202
Physical Education Instructor and Department Chair
Office: TB 163
Dean, School of Health Science
Office: HS 202A