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What is Public Relations?

Public relations is a two-way communication between Casper College and its public with a goal of creating goodwill. Ultimately, we want to close the gap between how we view ourselves as an organization with how others outside our organization view us. The Public Relations Department is here to ensure Casper College is always represented in a professional, consistent and favorable manner. Essentially, PR manages the relationships of the college in a manner that strengthens those relationships and enhances the college’s image.

When should I contact Public Relations?

Public relations’ scope covers all written, verbal and visual elements to our communications. Public relations attempts to make this easier to understand and more functional by approaching projects from the perspective of internal versus external communications. Generally, internal communications and class projects are not concerns of public relations. If you need to use the logo or visual elements of the Casper College brand for internal projects, templates are provided to you on this website. There are also templates for most business communications such as letters, memos, presentations and reports that can be used for external communications. Beyond this, you will want to contact Public Relations for help in communicating with external audiences. Public Relations will work with you to identify the best tools and methods to meet your communication goals.

Christopher (Chris) Lorenzen

Director of Public Relations

Lisa Icenogle

Editor and News Coordinator, Public Relations

Eric Valdez

Art Director

Mason Hall

Web Developer

Cory Garvin


Evan Fife

Graphic Designer

Tom Myler

Marketing Coordinator