CC audio program seeks music makers

By: Lisa S. Icenogle
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Casper College seeks local musicians, bands, and singer-songwriters wanting to have their music professionally recorded.

“We are looking for these artists to work with Casper College students in our recording studio to create and produce music,” said Larry Burger, sound design instructor.

Musicians, bands, and singer-songwriters will have the opportunity to have their music professionally recorded by Casper College sound design students who will be able to set up and record professional music.

According to Burger, there will be no charge to musicians for their recording sessions, which will also provide a great learning experience for students studying sound design. “Everyone will have access to the finished product, which could be just one song, or even possibly a whole album,” added Burger.

Recording sessions will usually occur in the evenings, but sessions on the weekend are also possible. “Sometimes we will want the musicians to record during class times, but we are basically open to whatever it will take for our students to get this valuable experience,” Burger noted.

In addition to his instructor duties, Burger is a recording engineer, broadcast engineer, and live sound board operator for the college’s music and theater department. Burger has recorded and mixed over 100 albums as the owner and operator of a recording studio and media company. He is a pioneer in digital audio recording, being the owner of the first studio in the Rocky Mountain West to have digital audio recording capabilities many years ago.

In his position at Casper College, Burger teaches several classes on topics ranging from the basics of audio, live sound for music venues and theater reinforcement, digital audio workstations, understanding audio in media production from YouTube to recording full-length albums, musicianship and arranging for recording, and others.

Those interested should contact Burger at 307-268-3320 or “After I visit with the musician, band, or singer-songwriter, I will partner them with the student who is a match for their needs and can benefit from their participation,” said Burger.

Media contact: Lisa S. Icenogle

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