Blue Envelope provides AED units to Casper College

By: Lisa S. Icenogle
Photo of campus with the words "Blue Envelope AEDs."

Casper College recently received $19,400 from the Blue Envelope Health Fund to purchase automated external defibrillator units.

According to John Becker, director of campus security and adjunct instructor, many buildings and other areas did not have an AED unit. However, the cost of one AED unit can run between $1,300 and $2,900. “We simply didn’t have the budget to buy the 22 units we needed to allow us to have one per floor in each building, one for the Casper College Ranch, and three traveling units for the athletic department,” said Becker.

Fortunately, Becker contacted the Blue Envelope to see if there was any help or ideas they could provide. “The board chair quickly acted on my request, and before I knew it, the college was provided with enough money to purchase 22 AED units, which brought our price down to about $850 for each. Without the generous funds given to us by the Blue Envelope Health Fund, we would be in need of the AED units, especially for the ranch and the athletic department,” Becker noted.

Thanks to the support of Blue Envelope, Casper College is only in need of five more units and can now better provide help to those experiencing sudden cardiac arrest.

Media contact: Lisa S. Icenogle

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