Volleyball 2018 – Q&A: Meet Heather Rubis

By: Lisa S. Icenogle
Photo of Heather Rubis.

One of five sophomores on this year’s Thunderbird Volleyball team, Heather Rubis is a 5’11” outside hitter. She hails from Wright, Wyoming, where she played ball for the Wright Junior Senior High School Panthers.

As a freshman, Rubis played in 104 games, had 174 kills, and served 246 times with a completion percentage of 84.9.

Rubis’ favorite food is spaghetti, her favorite movie is “Alice in Wonderland,” her favorite hobby is camping, and she enjoys “ … playing all different kinds of sports for fun, not just volleyball.” When asked, Rubis said the one-word description of herself is “silly.”

Q: Why did you choose your major?

A: I chose nursing as my major because I want to help people and find it very interesting and exciting to work in the medical field.

Q: What are your plans after you graduate from Casper College, both in the near term and for the future?

A: I plan to get my bachelor’s degree in nursing. I plan to go into the nursing program here in Casper. Once I graduate from nursing school, I plan to start working at a hospital.

Q: What are your goals for this year, both academically and athletically?

A: My academic goals are to not settle for anything less. My athletic goals are to continue to better myself the most I can and to really focus on my weaker skills instead of my stronger ones.

Q: Why did you come to Casper College, what drew you to Casper College?

A: It was close to home and was far enough away from home, but the coaches really drew me to commit to this college.

Q: What do you think of Casper College as a school and overall experience?

A: I love it here in Casper, the teachers are nice, and you can have a personal relationship with them. The campus is the perfect size.

Q: Would you recommend Casper College?

A: I would happily recommend Casper College.

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