Part-Time Social Media Marketer


Broker 1 Real Estate


Casper, WY

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Company Description:

Job Summary and Responsibilities:

Daily Tasks will include:
Create Ads in Pic Monkey for the week.
Schedule Weekly Ads Post to Marketplace Group Pages and Update group list.
Search Casper Chamber Events and Visit Casper Events for the week’s events.
Update Casper Community page weekly event post listing in Pic Monkey and
schedule Ad to page.

Why do we need social media?
To attract prospective leads.
To convert prospects to meaningful leads.
To build trust and credibility with our community.
To convert leads into buyers/sellers with Broker One.
To maintain a positive relationship with our community, our current/past buyers, and our current/past sellers.
To sell listings.

Minimum Qualifications:

How to apply:

If you are interested in this position, please call BrokerOne Real Estate at (307)
234-2385 and ask for Courtney or Genee to make an appointment.

Contact Person:

Courtney Whipps

Contact Phone:


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