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About the Small Business Administration
The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) was created in 1953 and since January 13, 2012 has served as a Cabinet-level agency of the federal government to aid, counsel, assist and protect the interests of small business concerns, to preserve free competitive enterprise and to maintain and strengthen the overall economy of our nation. The SBA helps Americans start, build and grow businesses. Through an extensive network of field offices and partnerships with public and private organizations, the SBA delivers its services to people throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam. To learn more about SBA, visit http://www.sba.gov.

Job Summary and Responsibilities:

The SBA Wyoming District Office team is hiring a full-time temporary, one-year term GS-11 Outreach and Marketing Specialist to:
• Market SBA programs and services through outreach, training, and education to various organizations and small businesses (experience providing virtual outreach and training a plus!)
• Conduct outreach, training, education, development, lender recruitment, and consultation with all lenders in the District
• Build and maintain collaborative alliances and partnerships with Resource Partners, economic development organizations, and small business owners
• Other local market duties to be determined by the District Director and Deputy District Director
Please see the attached position description for additional details.

Minimum Qualifications:

Small Business Administration
Office of Field Operations
Outreach and Marketing Specialist
GS-1101-11 (FPL: GS-11)
This position description is intended for use without modification. Any changes (e.g., pen-and-ink) to the
duty statements, factor level descriptions and benchmarks may jeopardize the classification determination.
Further information regarding this process may
Human Resources. This SPD is intended to
The Outreach and Marketing Specialist (OMS) at the GS-11 level is the first full performance level of the
OMS. The OMS-11 serves as a member of the District Office Team in a defined capacity and is an
important contributor to the Distri
The incumbent uses a variety of standard reference materials and applies these to program
responsibilities. Precedents typically exist for the work performed. This position performs the regular and
recurring OMS work in the District office, referring the most complex to a higher-level OMS. Employees
of this level resolve conventional problems and may be assigned portions of more broad assignments by a
senior specialist, lead or supervisor.
The incumbent actively engages in:
Marketing SBA programs and services through outreach, training, and education to various
organizations and small businesses;
Conducting outreach, training, education, development, lender recruitment, and consultation
with all lenders in the District;
Building and maintaining collaborative alliances and partnerships with Resource Partners,
economic development organizations and small business owners;
Assists in reviewing efficient deployment of tax dollars to SBA program grantees, and the
effective and compliant use of funds by grantees;
Assists in monitoring co-sponsorships; and
Furthering the SBA mission.
The incumbent works in the District with assigned groups, organizations, associations, coalitions, and
partners whose constituents, and/or members may benefit from the use of SBA programs and services
especially those who align with the SBA strategic initiatives or are new to SBA programs and services.
Collaborative partnerships:
Incumbent will assist in building and maintaining a local network of collaborative partnerships:
economic development practitioners in Federal, state, regional and local government, chambers of
commerce, business and trade associations, financial institutions, educational institutions and
civic/community organizations:
The incumbent will conduct required face-to-face partnership visits with economic development officials,
lending institutions and representatives of independent organizations for the purpose of identifying
opportunities to deliver SBA programs and services.
The incumbent will identify and develop opportunities for events, strategic alliances and co-sponsorships
between SBA and community organizations to foster economic development in the local market. Lender
visits will include new, active, inactive lenders and other lending entities. The focus of the visits will be
on lending institution engagement and product expansion/market penetration. The focus of the visits is
mutually to identify the needs of the small business community, and to develop and implement solutions
to meet those needs.
The incumbent must complete required reporting in accordance with the agency standard. As an OMS
specialist the incumbent will provide technical oversight, consultation and training to OMS GS-7/9
specialists and/or other District Office staff involved in these activities.
The incumbent will represent the SBA at a variety of public functions through
outreach/presentations/trainings in order to educate the small business, lender and contracting community
about SBA programs and services, and other small business-relevant topics. The incumbent will assist,
identify and execute events.
Conducts outreach events & presentations/trainings and ensures their alignment with SBA and District
Goals and Objectives.
Outreach Events:
Outreach events include, but are not limited to tradeshows, workshops, round tables, expos, matchmakers,
career fairs, business awards events, chamber events, targeted conferences to underserved markets.
The incumbent may be called on to participate in or lead projects to accomplish outreach events and will
be expected to collaborate with others on the team and other resources to ensure that the projects are
The incumbent will deliver formal presentations to various internal and external audiences, that include
but are not limited to programs about capital access, government contracting, entrepreneurial
development, disaster preparedness, exporting assistance, and other SBA outreach initiatives.
Trainings to staff or external clients can take place at group or on individual levels. All outreach events
and trainings are required to be documented according to agency standards.
Advise and refer a small business or individual that contacts SBA for assistance, to an appropriate SBA
and/or economic development resource partner.
The incumbent may review and advise a small business client on readiness for business. A GS-11 in
counseling tools, resources, lender programs and services. The OMS GS-11 should have a general
understanding of the referral process for engaging SBA partners to provide the small business client
appropriate assistance.
The primary focus of this task is to provide assistance through consultative interactions with small
businesses, collaborative partners and the general public on an individual basis. Interactions include
telephone calls, emails, meetings and office visits regarding SBA programs and services in a
professional and courteous manner.
The incumbent will assist in providing consultation and collaboration with other SBA staff members
and/or SBA Resource Partners, to include but not limited to, Small Business Development Centers
(VBOC) and grant recipients.
The incumbent conducts training in a professional manner and in
Plan. All interactions and information are to be documented as required according to agency standard.
Oversight and Compliance:
The incumbent serves as a field technical representative responsible for compliance oversight of SBA
district office Resource Partners. These include, but are not limited to, the Small Business Development
Centers, SCORE, Veteran Business Outreach Centers,
where precedence exists for reference, and accepted principles are applied.
The incumbent assists in the management of assigned Resource Partner relationships and acts as liaison
between program offices, the grants office, and grantees. The incumbent assists in conducting program
evaluations, as well as monitoring awardee performance, ensuring that grantees comply with terms and
conditions of award.
Provides technical information, education and training to SBA lenders. Provides technical training on
can recommend possible financing solutions to credit worthy small business concerns.
Local Market Duties:
The local market duties are non-grade-controlling as the work is determined equal to or less than the
individual factor narratives. At time of announcement/application of this PD, the supervisor will identify
Each individual LMD must be less than 25%.
AO Maintaining District office expenditures using SBA financial management systems
required by agency procedures, completing form SF-52 personnel actions, maintains
confidentiality in all human relations matters, coordination of the Federal ID process, conducting
New Employee Orientation and out processing, oversight of property and facility management to
include office moves, and submits T&A. If the employee is assigned to AO duties, they are
excluded from the bargaining unit.
Business Development Compliance Actions: Develops, monitors and evaluates assigned firms in
District offices 8a portfolio in accordance with agency SOP and standard requirements, typically,
in offices with fewer than 15 firms.
District International Trade Officer (DITO): Serves as the District point of contact for
international trade and export inquiries, markets the International Trade and export programs to
lenders and potential borrowers and ensures resource partners and businesses are familiar with
the international trade and export products, programs and opportunities.
Government Business Opportunity Assistance: Functions in a specified role on behalf of Business
Opportunity Assistance; may include 8(a) Business Development, Historically Underutilized
Business Zone (HUBZone) Programs.
HUBZone point of contact: Ensures that businesses located in HUBZones are aware of the
program & requirements, application support and conducts HUBZone site visits according to
Internet Content Custodian (ICC) Performs updates to district website pages using established
website update process.
Language Requirement: Depending on the market, the incumbent may need to communicate
(oral/written) in a language other than English in order to best serve the needs of the community.
(Required language: ___________________)
PRIME Grantee Liaison: In those offices where an intermediary has been awarded a Program for
Investment in Micro-entrepreneurs (PRIME) grant, performs duties overseeing the award,
monitoring the performance of the grantee in accordance with the CFR and SBA guidance.
Serves as the district office point of contact for the Office of Financial Assistance and the
Public Information Officer (PIO): The PIO must work collaboratively with District/Region staff
to enhance relationships with press and other organizations to leverage media opportunities.
Resource Guide: Serves as the District point of contact for the Resource Guide contractor and
coordinates the annual update process for the Resource Guide.
SCORE Liaison: Performs the duties as a point of contact between SCORE Chapters/Leadership
and the District Office. In offices with five or fewer SCORE chapters, conduct a minimum of two
meetings a year with each chapter as outlined in OEE program office guidance. Field offices with
more than five chapters will conduct one onsite visit and for those chapters that are a great
distance from the SBA office, may substitute a conference call for the visit.
Small Business Week Coordinator: Coordinate Small Business Week activities for the District.
Social Media: Develops, manages and applies digital design strategies, social media outreach
covering, but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SBA Daily and Gov Delivery.
Success Stories: Identifies, authors and/or edits district office success stories. Coordinates and/or
inputs into the success story database and obtains the necessary approvals/clearances.
Veteran Business Development Officer (VBDO): Serves as the District point of contact for
district, specifically to the veteran, service disabled, Active, Reserve, and National Guard
communities and organizations
Ownership Representative (WBOR): District point of contact and advocate
Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Project Officer: Supports the District point of
contact and liaison between the SBDC, OSBDC and the District Director.
Other Local Market Duties: To be determined by the District Director, Deputy District Director or
All interactions and information are required to be entered into SBA electronic reporting system(s).
Performs other duties as assigned.
Factor 1. Knowledge Required by the Position Level 1-7 1250 Points
Knowledge of the principles, methods, practices, and techniques of communication to convey complex
material using. Skill in writing to develop information programs for audiences of various levels of
understanding and sophistication; advanced skill in making oral presentations/trainings to these same
Knowledge of laws, regulations, rules, policies, procedures, and methods governing the administration of
Federal grants, cooperative agreements, and awards in order to provide assistance with oversight of
Resource Partner program grant awards;
Knowledge of SBA strategic goals and initiatives in order to assure resource partners are providing the
intended support to the Small Business Community.
Knowledge of all Small Business Administration programs, including their statutory, regulatory, and
programmatic qualification requirements, in order to explain the programs to a broad and diverse market
of individuals and organizations with differing needs and objectives.
Knowledge of standard economic development and community development practices and methods
sufficient to assess the economic development needs of the assigned communities and align available
resources to meet those needs.
Knowledge of standard business practices and methods sufficient to counsel interested individuals
concerning necessary areas of improvement and to make a determination concerning the skill level at
which the business is being operated.
Knowledge of marketing and public relations techniques and principles to successfully deliver a districtwide
promotion effort to the small business and financial communities and SBA Customer Service
Knowledge of the principles and theories of economics in order to understand the relevance of SBA
programs to economic development plan.
Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with private organizations, government
agencies and financial institutions sufficient to continue their voluntary participation in helping the
Agency distribute its information through their channels (e.g., articles in their newsletters, presentations at
their meetings, participation on committees, etc.).
Ability to apply financial methods and review managerial technics and processes consistent with sound
business and industry practices in order to assess the financial stability and organizational effectiveness of
grants, cooperative agreements, and awards.
Ability to develop collaborative partnerships with government, private, non-profit, and community
organizations that leverage cross-functional expertise to deliver economic development resources to
assigned communities.
Ability to operate a personal computer in order to generate multimedia presentations; written materials,
including graphics, for use in information packets and presentations; research and gather information
using the SBA Home Page and the internet; use of software packages designed to assist small businesses
with writing a Business Plan or financial documents and trouble-shooting problems.
Factor 2. Supervisory Controls Level 2-4 450 Points
The position is under the general supervision of the District Director or Supervisor who sets overall
objectives, program emphasis, and project priorities.
Within a framework of priorities, funding and overall project objectives (e.g., cost reduction, improved
effectiveness and efficiency, or implementation of new work methods), the employee and supervisor
develop a mutually acceptable project plan which typically includes identification of the work to be done,
the scope of the project, and deadlines for its completion.
Performs most duties with a minimal amount of supervisory input or oversight and within the scope of
meeting the objectives, independently plans and coordinates work, has broad discretion in determining
approaches and methods used, who will be contacted, what information will be presented, and how it will
be presented. Actual work products (such as hand-outs or newsletter articles) are considered sound and
are not reviewed for technical correctness. This frequently involves the definitive interpretation of
regulations and study procedures, and the initial application of new methods. Keeps supervisor informed
of possible adverse findings, problems, reactions, controversies, or sensitive issues with widespread
impact that might arise from particular plans or programs. Periodic meetings with the supervisor are held
to review the progress towards meeting the overall program objectives.
Completed projects, evaluations, reports, or recommendations are reviewed by the supervisor for
compatibility with organizational goals, guidelines, and effectiveness in achieving intended objectives.
Completed work is also reviewed critically outside the employee’s immediate office by staff and line
management officials whose programs and employees would be affected by implementation of the
Factor 3. Guidelines Level 3-3 275 Points
Guidelines consist of standard reference material, texts, and manuals covering the application of
analytical methods and techniques (statistical, descriptive or evaluative) and instructions and manuals
covering the subjects involved. At this level, guidelines are not always directly applicable to specific work
assignments. However, precedent studies of similar subjects are available for reference. The employee
uses judgment in choosing, interpreting, or adapting available guidelines to specific issues or subjects
studied. Guidelines include policies, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), regulations, manuals,
authority delegations, statutes, legislation, and precedents governing SBA programs and SBA Customer
Service requirements. When dealing with a client, lender, or resource partner, on an individual basis, the
guidelines may be inadequate in dealing with more complex problems and questions and the incumbent
may need to recommend alternate methods or interpretations in order to resolve the issue. Where
precedents are not established or applicable, must use experienced judgment, and resourcefulness in
selecting and adapting guidelines to meet the need. Deviations from policy are referred to the supervisor.
Factor 4. Complexity Level 4-4 225 Points
The work to be performed involves strategic planning which addresses Agency and District Goals. Meets
with leadership and, in a timely manner, assess the needs of the organization. Based on the strategic
plan, persuades other entities to participate in SBA events which explain the value proposition of SBA
and its benefits to their members. Develops and negotiates cooperative agreements with the intent of
providing a unified approach to assure SBA programs are working toward mutual ends, economic
growth and the best interests of the Small Business community.
When meeting with prospective clients on a one-to-one basis, customer service must be responsive, open
and honest. Carefully evaluates the information provided by the client and assess SBA programs and
requirements to determine which programs the business would be eligible for and communicates the best
In the economic development process, must fully analyze the data being provided concerning the
types of businesses, their sizes, and other factors in order to determine market strategies and devise
approaches to solicit assistance and resources from other organizations interested in economic
development within the District.
Must be innovative and versatile in approach and exercise judgment to modify or adapt standard
techniques and practices and improvise solutions to solve the many and varied problems encountered in
dealing with the broad and diverse small business community.
Factor 5. Scope and Effect Level 5-3 150 Points
The purpose of the work is to plan and carry out projects to improve the effectiveness, and efficiency of
SBA program operations. The Opportunity and Marketing Specialist works to locate, promote, and assist
in maintaining interest, understanding, and support of SBA programs and services. The SBA works with
several local partners to counsel, mentor, and train small businesses through free counseling, advice and
information on starting a business or existing business. The incumbent will conduct training events
throughout the district, assistance to businesses owned and controlled by socially and economically
disadvantaged individuals, advice to women business owners, and special loan programs for businesses
involved in international trade. Assist in the development of program plans, goals, objectives, and
milestones to not only meet the goals and objectives of the SBA but also for each client. Efforts consist of
analyzing, evaluating, advising, and recommending solutions to resource problems in all phases of the
SBA economic development program.
programs, and services provide to the growth of the local economy served by the District in varied
geographic locations throughout the nation. The work affects the economic development of small
business entities in each district which cover either an entire state, or a large population, or large
geographic sector of a state. Overall, each district contributes to the national support of the small business
environment and financial status of the nation.
Factor 6. Personal Contacts Level 6-3
Personal contacts are with a local network of collaborative partnerships: economic development
practitioners in Federal, state, regional and local government, chambers of commerce, business and trade
associations, financial institutions, educational institutions and civic/community organizations, bank
officials, local business owners, loan applicants. Takes initiative to recruit and develop new contacts.
Contacts are in a moderately unstructured setting. Contacts may also include contacts with program
officials several managerial levels removed from the incumbent when such contacts occur on an ad-hoc
Factor 7. Purpose of Contacts Level 7-B 110 Points
The purpose of contacts with individuals is to provide advice to managers on noncontroversial
organization or program related issues and concerns regarding SBA products, encourage their use of SBA
programs. Contacts typically involve such matters as: identification of decision-making alternatives;
reviews of success in meeting goals; or recommendations for resolving administrative problems.
Factor 8. Physical Demands Level 8-2 20 Points
This position combines an office environment with extensive outreach activities. This will require long
periods of travel using multi-modes of transportation, including operation of a motor vehicle
(GOV/POV). Is expected to lift boxes of hand-outs, information packets, computers and other items that
can weigh up to 40 pounds. Will be required to transport, set-up and tear-down displays and/or other
equipment at trade shows, training sessions, and other locations.
Factor 9. Work Environment Level 9-2 20 Points
The work is performed in a variety of rural and urban environments (office, hotels, warehouse, factories,
farms, faith-based and community-based locations, construction sites, restaurants, garages, laboratories,
etc.) and may incur exposure to moderate risk, discomfort and unpleasant surroundings.
Required to travel extensively throughout the District, including frequent early morning, evening and
occasional weekends and overnight travel. May be required to travel outside the District.
CLASSIFICATION STANDARD(S) USED: OPM Handbook of Occupational Groups and Families, May
2009. OPM Administrative Analysis Grade Evaluation Guide, TS-98 August 1990. OPM Introduction to
the Position Classification Standards TS-134, July 1995, TS-107 August 1991, Revised: August 2009.
Total Points: 2500
Conversion Point Range: 2355-2750
Final Grade: GS-11

How to apply:

Please email a cover letter and resume which shows that you have the skills and knowledge required by the position outlined in Section III, Factor 1, “Knowledge Required by the Position” (fifth and sixth pages of the attached position description), to amy.lea@sba.gov and debra.farris@sba.gov, with “Wyoming OMS-11 Position” in the subject line, by 4:30 pm Mountain Standard time on Monday, June 15th. Please send the cover letter and resume as jpg attachments. Salary for this full-time, one-year term position located in Casper, Wyoming is $64,009. Term employees earn leave and are eligible for federal benefits including health insurance. Relocation is not paid.

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Deb Farris

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