Finance Office Student Worker

Reports to:

AFM-Brooke Downs




$10.00 per hour

Job Posting Date:


Job Summary and Responsibilities:

1. Sorts, scans and links files business office documentation (checks, invoices, journal entries )
2. Scans, links and files W-9 forms
3. Assists in mailing out daily business office mailings
4. Pulls and compiles records as needed for monthly billings
5. Reconciles cleared checks and collection records in the Casper College accounting system
6. Coverage back up to at the cashiers window
7. Other duties as assigned

Minimum Qualifications:

Degree-seeking student, enrolled in at least 6 credit hours at CC or a partnership institution. Business related major preferred

How to apply: Submit Resume and Cover letter to Brooke Downs AFM- GW 3rd floor

Contact Person:

Brooke Downs

Contact Phone:


Contact Email:

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