ECLC Kitchen Assistant

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Early Childhood Learning Center




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Job Summary and Responsibilities:

The Kitchen Assistant will be responsible for the distribution and clean up associated with the daily food service in the Early Childhood Learning Center. This person will be responsible for cleaning classroom toys and performing laundry duties. This person will maintain facilities in a clean, safe, and presentable condition.

Provide assistance to teachers for food and cooking experiences they may wish to plan for the classroom.
Keep posted records for each child’s allergies and consider them in meal and snack distribution.
Apportion food for family style service and distribute to appropriate age groups.
Follow required CACFP food serving requirements.
Record and maintain food temperatures, fruit logs, and fridge/freezer temps. Monitor sanitizer/soap/rinse levels.
Wash and sterilize all dishes, utensils, and cooking and eating areas according to proper sanitation procedures.
Clean kitchen and eating areas after meals and keep kitchen area clean when on duty.
Attend staff meetings as needed.
Attend recommended training programs.
Operate kitchen equipment and notify the Director when supplies or maintenance on equipment are needed.
Additional duties as assigned.

Typical work environment is in a kitchen environment requiring normal to advanced safety precautions. Work is usually performed during the normal workday. This position will frequently work closely with children, so extra safety precautions will be required. This position is frequently exposed to food products, cleaning materials, and kitchen equipment, where extra safety standards are in place. Occasional time may be spent outside traveling to other buildings in various weather conditions.

Minimum Qualifications:

At least 18 years of age
High school diploma or equivalent
Good personal hygiene
Excellent customer service skills
Ability to communicate and work well with children
Good health as confirmed by a physician’s statement
Proof of being free from tuberculosis
Consent to Central Registry Background check for child abuse/neglect and fingerprinting (CC policy & procedure)
Other requirements as regulated by the licensing agency
Complete required DFS Trainings
Maintain prompt hours; notify the Director in the event of absence
Maintain a neat and professional appearance.

Employee is regularly required to stand, sit, speak, hear, stoop, crouch, use hands and fingers to handle materials and use computer, feel, and reach/lift with hands and arms. Frequent lifting/carrying of up to 20 pounds will be required (carrying supplies, etc.).Less frequent lifting/carrying of up to 30 pounds may be required.

How to apply:

Application, complete with 3 references
Cover Letter
Copies of Transcripts (official transcripts required upon employment)

Contact Person:

Donna Sonesen

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