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Foundations of Interprofessional Health Care

Effective patient-centered health care with collaboration between nurses, pharmacists, physicians, social workers and other disciplines has become increasingly important.

The Foundations of Interprofessional Health Care certificate provides leadership skills and development for future health care professionals who will be expected to work as effective team members.

This is a two-semester program available to any health science program student or pre-health science student.

All courses will be offered online with one exception: The Interprofessional Health Care Team (HLTK 2560) will be offered in a hybrid format with four required classes held on campus.

Certificate info

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All or a portion of the courses in this program may be available online.

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Students who complete this certificate will be able to:
  • Understand their learning and leadership styles.
  • Understand the roles and scopes of health care professionals outside their discipline.
  • Understand general health care and services available in the United States.
  • Demonstrate interpersonal abilities and communication sufficient to interact professionally and therapeutically with individuals with a variety of social, emotional, and intellectual backgrounds, including: peers, faculty, staff, administrators, and patients/clients and their families.
  • Communicate effectively in verbal, nonverbal, and written form.
  • Understand and demonstrate sufficient respect for others in non-verbal, verbal, and written communications.
  • Understand the effect that behavior, appearance, and communication have on your professional image.
  • Understand and apply concepts from team and group development, relationship-centered leadership, and collaborative interprofessional teams
  • Participate effectively in interprofessional team activities.
Academic Assistant, School of Health Science
Office: HS 202
Dean, School of Health Science
Office: HS 202A