ECLC Programs and Fees

Our center accommodates 52 children ages birth through 6 years. We have four classrooms which include: one infant room, one toddler room, and two preschool classrooms. There is a non-refundable registration fee of $30 per child per semester and a non-refundable $30 pre-payment towards child care costs. We are an enrolled provider with the Department of Family Services.



Our infant/toddler program follows the principal of “educaring” where a homelike atmosphere; nurturing, caring, responsive adults; small staff-child ratio; and a team approach with parents are used to give infants and toddlers optimum opportunity for growth and development.

We see your infant or toddler as an individual who needs to be cared for with regard to his/her special temperament and that his/her emotional and physical needs should take precedence over schedule and order. Parents and their expressions of parental concern are important and always welcome.


Young children learn through play. Play is the child’s way of exploring the world, themselves, and others. In early childhood our goal is to give children a positive disposition for learning. We provide opportunities to succeed each day, developing the positive attitude and self-confidence that will follow them through life. This is done through a learning center approach with activities and experiences that are structured and unstructured, quiet and active, and individual and group. All are geared to promote intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and creative development.

Daily Fees

Partial day (less than 5 hours)
  • Ages 0-23 months = $27
  • Ages 2-3 years = $24
  • Ages 4-5 years = $23
  • Age 6 years = $22
Full Day (5 or more hours)
  • Ages 0-23 months = $34
  • Ages 2-3 years = $31
  • Ages 4-5 years = $30
  • Age 6 years = $29

Food Programs


Our center will provide baby food and one type of formula that may be used with your consent. You may also bring in your own formula, breast milk, or baby food in labeled containers. The staff will monitor and record the food and liquid intake of each infant and toddler on the daily record sheet.


Mealtimes are a great time for toddlers to practice their independence in self-help skills, so we will encourage them to feed themselves. They, therefore, will be provided with bite size portions that can easily be manipulated with fingers or a spoon and will be encouraged to use a spoon, but fingers will also be acceptable.

Toddler and Preschool

The toddler and preschool children will eat morning and afternoon snacks, and lunch in family groups with a teacher at each table. We will be emphasizing self-help skills (pouring own milk, serving themselves from the serving bowl, cleaning up etc.), manners, and conversation skills. The children will be encouraged to try everything and not to take more than they can eat. Mealtime is an important component of our curriculum. A non-sectarian “Thank you for our food” will be said before eating.

*** Weekly menus will be posted.

Lunch, morning and afternoon snacks are provided at NO additional cost to the family. We participate in the Child and Adult Care Food Program.