Doing Business with Casper College: Vendor’s Guide


The purpose of this guide is to acquaint vendors with the process of acquiring materials and services at Casper College. The college has a centralized purchasing department that is responsible for procuring all materials and services.

General Information

Purchases for materials and services are accomplished by issuance of a numbered purchase order signed by the director of purchasing or designee. A formal contract may be issued for certain materials, leases, construction projects, and professional services. Orders may also be placed by using a Casper College Purchasing Card (P-Card) if the total order is $1000 or less. Vendors are required to have one of the above before proceeding with an order.

Appointments/Sales Calls

Although we try to accommodate vendors with unannounced visits, we prefer that an appointment is made ahead of time.

Posting of ITBs and RFPs

The purchasing department does not maintain a bidders list. All ITB’s and RFP’s are posted on, the main Purchasing web page, and advertised in the legals section of the local newspaper.

Bid Solicitations

Materials and Services


Soliciting quotations is optional.


Informal bids (quotes) are solicited. We prefer to receive emailed, faxed, or written quotes.

$25,000 or greater (ITBs and RFPs)

Formal sealed bids (ITBs) or requests for proposals (RFP’s) are solicited by the purchasing department.


At our option we may forgo the above process and use a cooperative pricing agreement.

Exceptions to the above procedures are allowed in very limited cases such as: Sole source materials and services, standardization efforts, emergency orders, etc. Exceptions must be approved by the director of purchasing or designee.

Other Notes:

Quotes, bids and proposals should include pricing for the item or service along with the price of freight F.O.B. Casper College.

Bid bonds, payment/performance bonds and proof of insurance may be required on certain ITBs and RFP’s.

Awarding Orders

Awards for informal bids (quotes) and formal sealed bids (ITB’s) are normally to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder(s). When a request for proposal (RFP) is awarded it will be based on evaluation criteria that includes pricing and other factors detailed in the RFP solicitation. Results of closed ITB’s and RFP’s are available for viewing on our bid posting sites.

Invoicing and Payment

Invoices totaling $10,000 or more will be approved once each month at the Casper College District Board meeting. This meeting is normally held the third Tuesday of each month. Completed invoices must be in the possession of accounts payable the Wednesday before the third Tuesday to be considered for payment. No late fees will be paid.

All invoices must reference a purchase order number

Invoices shall be forwarded to: Casper College Accounts Payable, 125 College Drive, Casper, WY 82601

Tax Exemption

Casper College is exempt from sales tax. A Certificate of Exemption will be issued upon request.

In-State Preferences

When awarding ITB’s and RFP’s, the purchasing department will adhere to Wyoming State Statues, which give preference to materials, services, and labor provided in the state.

Refer to: Wyoming Statues Sections 16-6-102 thru 16-6-107 16-6-201 thru 16-6-206


Vendors are expressly advised that gratuities, kick-backs, gifts, etc. are not allowed.