Hathaway Scholarship Post-Initiation Deferment Request

Post-initiation deferment can be requested by a student who has applied for or initiated Hathaway, but wishes to put scholarship payment on hold for a certain number of semesters. Hathaway Scholarship Rules require any student who wishes to defer the use of their Hathaway Scholarship to notify the appropriate eligible institution (Casper College) of their intent prior to commencement of the semester(s) of post-initiation deferment. This notice shall clearly list all semesters the student intends to defer scholarship payment and the reason why they would like the scholarship deferred. Please read this form carefully and submit it to Casper College. Please retain a copy for your records. Students are required to complete a new Hathaway Application prior to time they student would like to use Hathaway Funds again to verify eligibility. Feel free to contact our office with any questions.
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