Hathaway Scholarship Community College Extension Request

Students may elect to use remaining semesters of Hathaway at a Wyoming community based on Enrolled Act 63 passed by the Wyoming Legislature in 2011. According to statute students receiving Opportunity, Performance or Honors Scholarships may extend Hathaway beyond the equivalent of four full time semesters for continued attendance at a Wyoming community college. Provisional Opportunity recipients are not eligible for an extension. A scholarship extended under this subsection shall not exceed the maximum equivalent of eight full time semesters when combined with the four full time semesters of initial community college usage. To be eligible for this extension students must be eligible for Hathaway and have: • Earned a certificate or degree from a Wyoming community college OR • Successfully completed sufficient courses for eligibility to enroll in a program offered by a Wyoming community college which leads to a professional degree (Definition clarified in 2012 as program of study that leads to a certificate or degree which is required to practice in a specific profession or occupation)
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