Literary Conference


Sept. 12-13, 2019

Goodstein Library classroom

Free public talks on poetry, fiction, nonfiction and publishing – as well as workshops requiring advance registration.


  • Jill Hannah Anderson
  • Joy Ross Davis
  • Bethany Schultz Hurst
  • and others

Workshops are free and open to the public, however, participants need to register beforehand. To register for a workshop, please contact Joseph Campbell at


Thursday, September 12

8:45 am

Welcome and short keynote

9-9:30 am

Session #1: Joy Ross Davis will read from her work.

10 to 10:50 am

Session #2: “Breaking the Taboo on Telling”:  a craft talk with Bethany Schultz Hurst

This craft talk challenges the writing commandment “show, don’t tell.” When might provocative statements tell us more in a poem than image alone could show? What would those statements look like?

11-11:50 am

Session #3:”OUCH!” : a talk about becoming your own best editor with Joy Ross Davis

-break for lunch-

2-2:50 pm

Session #4: “To Have Written: The Next Step on the Path to Publication” A craft talk from Jamie Smith and Tammy Dominguez

Whether the writer has one piece or a body of work, this session will guide the writer in the next step to a writing career.

3 pm until ?:

“Rising Out of The Ashes” A workshop with Joy Ross Davis

A workshop about overcoming obstacles that might prevent us from writing

4 pm until ?

“Two Places at the Same Time”  A workshop with Bethany Schultz Hurst

Poet David Baker writes, “no single position is ever sufficient to articulate our lives, but rather we are always in several places at once.” This workshop will consider how poems that weave together multiple narrative lines might produce complex, rewarding work.

Friday, September 13

9 – 9:30 am

Session #5:  Jill Hannah Anderson will read from her work

10-10:50 am

Session #6: “Now What?” a craft talk from Jill Hannah Anderson

The “during the writing” period – various ways to lay out your story (and the 15 points to a story), using critique partners, beta readers, etc. – things before you ever dare submit your book to agents.

11-11:30 am

session #7:  Bethany Schultz Hurst will read from her work

-break for lunch-

1-1:50 pm

Session #8:  2019 Wyoming Arts Council award winners reading

2 pm until ?

“Say What?” A workshop with Jamie Smith and Tammy Dominguez

This workshop will take participants through the process of giving and receiving constructive criticism to other writers. Participants will be required to read their work from a writing prompt given in the workshop.

3 pm until ?

“The other side of writing”: a workshop with Jill Hannah Anderson

In this workshop, we’ll cover the parts of writing that have nothing to do with actual writing: marketing, networking, social media… things that can be just as time-consuming, aggravating, and necessary, if you ever hope to sell more than one copy of your book!

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