Copy Center

Types of services provided:

High speed photocopying in black-and-white and color

  • Collating
  • Stapling
  • Binding
  • Lamination
  • Large format printing

Location and hours of operation:

Liesinger Hall Rm. 11, Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Instructions: Click on the button above. For the drop-down option of Request Type, choose Copy Center. Fill out the form, including adding the file you would like to have printed. After you click “Save,” your request will automatically be sent to the Copy Center. When the job is done, the ticket system will generate an email notification to you indicating that your job is complete, and showing the ticket number in the email’s subject line.

Delivery and Pickup: Most requests are completed within two days but can fluctuate based on the volume of requests made to the copy center. Typically, the beginning and end of each school semester are the busiest times for the center. Please contact the copy center directly should you require quicker turnaround or need an estimate for when the request will be fulfilled. All requests may be picked up at LH, Rm. 11 unless alternative arrangements for delivery have been made.

Student Requests: Students may make requests to the copy center outside the online request system. Requests should be made in person and paid for at the copy center.

Confidential Copying: The copy center staff understand that certain information must be kept private. If you require that documents remain confidential, please indicate so in your request.

Personal Copying: Employees of the college may request personal copies be made and can pay for those copies at the copy center. Copies are for personal use and may not be made for organizations that are not part of the college.

Request from external organizations: Generally the college cannot provide copy services to an external organization unless the college is co-sponsoring and event or activity or has made alternative arrangements with the organization that would allow the college to make copies for them. Requests from other organizations or individuals should be directed to the Casper College director of public relations.

Copyright Permission: Please refer to Casper College’s policy regarding the use of copyright works for more information.

Employees and students are responsible for determining or obtaining permission to reproduce copyrighted works. College equipment may not be used to duplicate, share, or distribute copyrighted works without the permission of the owner unless the work is within the public domain or fair use applies. For guidance, refer to the Goodstein Foundation Library’s guide on copyright.