Co-curricular Learning & Assessment

The Educational Context

Co-curricular activities at Casper College cover a broad range of out-of-classroom and sponsored campus programs and services. These are designed to promote leadership, life skills, and personal development for students while enhancing campus life, with a focus on student engagement.


Purpose Statement

The purpose of co-curricular learning at Casper College is to contribute to a comprehensive and holistic education for our students. Casper College promotes and provides intentional co-curricular opportunities that support its mission, enhance the collegiate experience, and build community. It is Casper College’s conviction that the more involved a student is in educationally purposeful activities outside of the classroom the more successful they will be inside the classroom.


Co-Curricular Definition

Co-curricular is defined as programs, activities, and learning opportunities that are an extension of formal learning experiences and are connected to or mirror the academic curriculum.