Office of Academic Affairs

Forms located on Classlink:


  • Course Syllabus Template
  • Departmental Report Form Template
  • Faculty Absence/Leave Request Form — available from HR
  • Faculty Development Application Form — awarded by Faculty Senate
  • Faculty Educational Pre-Approval Request (PDF) (Word doc)
  • Faculty Load Data Form (Excel)
  • Incomplete Grade Contract (PDF)
  • Independent Study Proposal/Coop Proposal
  • Sabbatical Application Form
  • Tenure
    • Tenure Process
    • Dean Tenure Evaluation Form
    • Tenure Peer Observation Form
    • Tenure Recommendation Form
  • Travel Course Application

Priorities for 2020

  • Develop and improve student recruiting efforts
  • Develop communication plans to improve information gathering and dissemination, as well as feedback loops
  • Enhance professional development opportunities that addresses  individual, department, and campus needs through various avenues

Vision Statement

Academic Affairs fosters a culture that inspires exceptional and diverse instructional experiences.

Mission Statement

With a mission of student success,  Academic Affairs facilitates life long learning through instructional relationships and experiences that inspire and transform students and community.


The Office of Academic Affairs is dedicated to carrying out the academic mission of Casper College. We are here to help you achieve professional and personal success.

We are proud of all our faculty and staff members. Whether in the classroom, the laboratory, the studio, or in the community we strive to provide innovative and challenging instruction to our students.

Academic Affairs assists students and faculty to achieve their academic goals. Along with deans, program directors, and department chairs, Academic Affairs administers and reviews existing programs.  We oversee the development of new academic programs to meet student, community, and state needs. The office also facilitates academic policies and procedures for students and faculty.

The Vice President of Academic Affairs oversees Casper College’s five Academic Schools, Learning Services and Support,  and is responsible for the planning, development, implementation, and evaluation of credit instructional programs.

Location and contact info

Office location

Gateway Center, Room 407


Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. (Fall/Spring semesters) and 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.(Summer semester)

Phone number