Past Timely Warnings | Casper College, Wyoming

Past Timely Warnings

Timely Warning — Threat of Violence (Resolved)

At approximately 4 p.m. on Friday, December 5, 2014, Casper College was notified of an online threat of gun violence. Casper police department advised the college to lock doors and shelter in place while they searched for the person of interest.

At approximately 4:45 p.m., police indicated that the person of interest had been located, was not in the immediate area and all campus activity could return return to normal.

Timely Warning -- Vehicles Damaged

All Casper College community members need to be aware that criminal activity is occurring in the parking lots, particularly the Upper Wheeler parking lot between the residence hall and Wheeler Terrace Apartments. This activity is directed at vehicles parked in the lots. A summary of activity is as follows:

On 11/12/14 a vehicle was burglarized in the Krampert Theatre parking lot between 7:00 PM and 10:13 PM. Cash was stolen.

On 11/23/14 a student reported that the tire on her parked vehicle was slashed by unknown person(s) in the Upper Wheeler lot. The incident occurred between 7:30 PM and 11:30 PM on 11/22/14.

On 11/25/14 a student reported that his parked vehicle's window was broken and cash stolen from inside his vehicle in the Upper Wheeler lot. The incident occurred between 11:30 PM 11/24/14 and 9:15 AM 11/25/14.

On 12/4/14 a parked vehicle in the upper Wheeler lot had all of its windows smashed by unknown person(s). The incident occurred between 8:00 PM 12/3/14 and 7:30 AM 12/4/14.

On 12/4/14, a person came forward to report that her tires were slashed while parked in the Lower Residence Hall lot. The incident occurred sometime between
7 PM 11/22/14 and 12 PM 11/24/14.

The Casper Police Department was called in each of these cases.

Community members are cautioned to avoid leaving valuable property inside their vehicles and to call (307) 268-2688 to report any suspicious activity in the parking lots. Call 911 for the Casper Police Department if you observe a crime in progress. Try to obtain a description of the person(s) committing the crime and a vehicle license plate if possible, but do not confront anyone committing a crime or otherwise place yourself in danger. If you have information regarding these crimes please contact Campus Security or the Casper Police Department.