Pre-Professional | Casper College, Wyoming


Photo of med students.

Casper College's Pre-Professional curricula affords students the training, language proficiency, background in liberal arts and social and behavioral science as well a the pre-professional courses needed to qualify for admission into their area of interest.

Students expecting to qualify for admission into schools of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, optometry, physical therapy, occupational therapy, theology, education, law, journalism, engineering, or veterinary medicine are urged to study carefully the particular requirements of the institutions from which they wish to obtain a degree.

Since society imposes leadership responsibilities on professionally trained people, professional schools recommend that pre-professional training should not be highly specialized but should stress 1) proficiency in language, 2) broad cultural background in the liberal arts or humanistic studies and in the social and behavioral sciences, and 3) completion of some basic science courses and familiarity with the use of the scientific laboratory method.