Learning Communities | Casper College, Wyoming

Learning Communities

Our vision is to see students feel good about themselves, be confident in their ability to learn, and enjoy critical thinking, bringing about communities of people who understand connections across disciplines, look with favor at different perspectives, and appreciate diverse strengths with a positive attitude.

What are Learning Communities?

A learning community (noted on class schedules as sections in the low 90s) occurs when two or more courses are linked together so that students gain an understanding of deep connections between differing areas of study. For example, PSYC 2490 and HIST 2300 would make connections between human psychology and WWII, perhaps noting how human psychology works in stressful situations and how WWII affected how people thought (and thus acted). Students must enroll in both courses in order to be a part of the learning community. The courses show up separately on your transcripts to maximize future transfer options.

Why should I sign up for a Learning Community?
  • LCs create a community of students that work together and form tight bonds. These relationships often transfer to life outside of the classroom and benefit students with a group that helps hold each other accountable.
  • LCs improve understanding of course concepts, help students remember content long after class is over, and foster critical thinking skills for other courses.
  • Those who participate in LCs are more likely to continue with their college education and often find themselves with higher grades than those who take the same classes outside of LCs, according to studies done by Washington Center, Iowa State University, Skagit Valley College, Pennsylvania State University, and others.
More about Casper College Learning Communities

In support of Casper College’s mission, values, and goals, the mission of the Learning Communities initiative is to cultivate of a culture of excellence in student learning and excitement for professional growth through the development, the promotion, and the expansion of multi- or inter-disciplinary Learning Communities that contain dynamic learning environments characterized by innovative curricula, student and faculty collaboration, active learning, and engaging teaching methods.

The Casper College Learning Communities Student Program is on hiatus for the 18-19 academic year.  The future of this program will be reviewed by faculty and college leaders during this break.  Please check back for any updates on the future of this program in spring 2019.