Karel Mathisen | Casper College, Wyoming

Karel Mathisen

Public Relations Assistant
GW 403

Casper College
125 College Drive
Casper, WY 82601

Contact me

Main Phone: 
kmathisen [at] caspercollege.edu

My education

A.A., Casper College

My bio

I have been with the college for over 15 years in a variety of positions, which has allowed me to meet most of the people on campus throughout that time.

One of my goals was always to complete the education I began many years ago, and with the tuition assistance I received as an employee, I began taking one or two courses per semester. I finally completed my associate degree in Communications in 2006. Curently I work in the Public Relations office as the Public Relations Assistant, and in my free time I teach several classes for Community Education, Continuing Education as well as the OLLI program.

I lost my husband, Ron, in December 2015, after 22 years of marriage, and currently live with my four-legged kid - my 17-pound cat, Barney.  Ask me about him sometime - or better yet, ask to see his picture as my main hobby is photography.