KEY Policies & FAQs


KEY students must remain on campus for the entire duration of the program.

  • Space is limited and highly competitive. Students agree to commit to the full length of the program. If, however, a student is unable to attend the whole full six day program, they agree to forfeit their reservations.
Accommodations: Residence Halls
  • Each room features a restroom, shower and two single beds. Students are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of their room.
  • We do not accept roommate requests. Students will be placed with a roommate based on age, gender and location.
  • The first meal for KEY students will be Sunday at 5 p.m. The last meal will be breakfast on Saturday morning. We can accommodate those with dietary restrictions. The applicant will need to provide that information once accepted into the program.
  • Students may bring cell phones to use during free time. Each counselor will have a phone available for the students to use.

Please send mail to your child at:

Casper College Residence Hall
(student name)/KEY
365 College Dr.
Casper, WY 82601

What to Bring

Does my child need to bring bedding and toiletries?

  • Yes.  Bring a sleeping bag or bedding, toiletries, a towel, clothes hangers, alarm clock, etc.

Does my child need to bring pocket money?

  • We recommend that pocket money be kept to $25 or less to spend on items at the Casper College Bookstore.

Can students bring bottled water or soda to class?

  • Students will be provided a water bottle that they may use in class.

Can students bring a cell phone?

  • KEY is an active and intense learning environment. To get the full benefit of the program it is our goal to have the students completely immersed in the experience.  Students may bring a phone to use during free time. Cell phones must be OFF during all other times.

Can students bring a fan for the dorm rooms?

  • The dorm rooms are air conditioned. Students may bring a fan if it helps them sleep.

Can students bring snacks to keep in their rooms?

  • Students will eat in the cafeteria and have several choices from which to choose. Snacks are offered during evening activities. If you decide to send snacks with your child, they must be limited to non-perishable, healthy foods.

Can students bring a camera, iPod, etc?

  • Students may use personal devices during free time. All personal items are the responsibility of the student. This should be taken into consideration when bringing high-valued items.

What type of clothes does my child wear to classes?

  • Shorts and activewear are best. Students should also bring at least one pair of jeans, a swimsuit, and a light jacket or sweatshirt for evening activities.

Does my child need to bring a laptop or is there access to a computer for email?

  • Personal laptops are not allowed. Students have access to computers on campus where they can check their email. Most of the time students are so busy and having so much fun, they don’t think to check their email.

When do students find out their class schedules?

  • Students will receive their class schedules via email after the lottery runs in early May. They will receive a final printed schedule when they check in on Sunday.

Will participants be allowed to travel around campus alone?

  • Students are informed to travel with a buddy during movement during breaks.

What other personal items are allowed?

  • Students who would like to listen to music during free time must use headphones.  Skateboards, inline skates, and heelys are banned on campus. Students may bring personal items and accept responsibility for the care of their items. The college is not responsible for damage, loss or theft.

What if you need to cancel due to a medical circumstance?

  • A doctor’s note and written request will need to be submitted. Once received and confirmed,  a full refund minus deposit will be submitted on a case-by-case basis.