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Modern agriculture is a business and a science as well as a way of life. We recognize that it is just as important to produce alert and well-informed citizens as it is to train competent farmers and ranchers.

We offer classes for students who want to either complete their formal college work at Casper College, or get a bachelor's degree elsewhere.

An Associate of Science (A.S.) degree is for students who want a career in agri-business. This includes farming and ranching and jobs in agriculture-related businesses -- from farm equipment companies, to fertilizer sales, or feed companies, as well as commercial banks and other farm credit agencies. Many sales and management positions are available in agricultural marketing, which forms the connecting link between farmers and consumers.

An Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree is for students who do not plan to transfer to a four-year school. This degree is for you if you are looking for a combination of agriculture and business courses to help you in entering production agriculture or become employed in a related industry, such as the feed industry, fertilizer sales, etc.

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Learn more about wage ranges and the general occupational profiles for sales representatives, buyers and purchasing agents (farm products), farm and ranch managersfirst-line supervisors of agricultural crop and horticultural workers, financial managers, and bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks.


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