Casper College Theatre and Dance Casper College Theatre and Dance Casper College Theatre and Dance Casper College Theatre and Dance Casper College Theatre and Dance

Casper College is your # 1 choice for Performing Arts Education. Check out all of the exciting things going on here in Casper, Wyoming!

Theatre & DanceAt Casper College you will receive the instruction and opportunity to begin your career in theatre. Our students earn associates degrees in four areas of theatrical study, preparing them to enter baccalaureate programs throughout the country with the confidence that only experience can give.

In addition to meeting the education needs of theatre and dance majors, our department provides cultural and artistic resources and opportunities to the broader Casper College community and fulfills the role of an intellectual and cultural leader for Central Wyoming.

  • Theatre Performance
    Explore performance...
    through courses in acting, voice, movement, dance, auditioning, and dramatic literature.
  • Musical Theatre Performance
    Choose a specialized track...
    of intensive study in theatre and music, including courses in voice, acting, music theory, keyboarding, and musical theatre history.
  • Technical Theatre
    Channel your creative energy...
    into design and construction of scenery, lighting, sound and costuming. Work with state of the art equipment on the main stage and black box theatres.
  • Dance Performance
    Express yourself...
    through ballet, modern, jazz and tap, while developing skills in composition, improvisation and history.
    Join the Flight Dance Troupe!

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The Dance Major Student Handbook has the proposed changes submitted to the NASD Commission on Accreditation and the Casper College Curriculum Committee for the A.A. Degree in Dance. Until these changes have been approved the Dance Major will be under the A.A. Dance track in the 2014-2015 catalog.
If you have questions, please see Jodi Youmans-Jones.
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