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PortraitDr. Charles Barburger
QEP Energy Company

Charlie Bartberger received his Bachelor’s Degree in Geology from Lafayette College and Master’s and Doctoral Degrees in Geology from Syracuse University. Charlie has 35 years of experience in petroleum exploration and development with Shell Oil Company, Amoco Production Company and QEP Energy Company. He has worked in the onshore Gulf Coast, Wyoming Overthrust Belt, Greater Green River Basin (GGRB), Powder River Basin, Williston Basin, San Juan Basin, Hugoton Embayment of southwest Kansas, and North Slope/Beaufort Sea, Alaska. It is in Charlie’s current work with QEP that he has come to understand how spontaneous-potential data help resolve the 30-year-old basin-center-gas enigma in the deep eastern GGRB and explain why so many porous, resistive, overpressured Upper Cretaceous sandstones that might appear gas-saturated, actually have low gas saturation and are non-commercial producers of gas.

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