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Dr. Malcolm Bedell, Jr.
Western Interior Paleontological Society

PortraitMalcolm Bedell,Jr. is a past president and honorary member of the Western Interior Paleontological Society (“WIPS”) and a research associate at the Big Horn Basin Foundation of Geological Research (“BHBF”).

For over 16 years, he’s supervised the FS Quarry near Thermopolis, Wyoming, which has yielded many bones of a sub-adult Diplodocus, among other fossils. After producing a related abstract and poster for JVP in 1999, he authored a professional paper on some of the research that resulted in a chapter in the peer-reviewed book, Thunder-Lizards, The Sauropodomorph Dinosaurs and, subsequently, a remodeling of the Diplodocus carnegii at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburg. More related papers are underway, as well as other work with Mosasaurs, ammonites, and crabs. For over 23 years, he has led a field trip for the Western Interior Paleontological Society to Baculite Mesa near Pueblo, Colorado, to explore the Cretaceous Interior Seaway. Bedell also organized and led many “WIPS” field opportunities to the eastern desert of Utah where, along with Dr. Jim Kirkland, The College of Eastern Utah, The National Geographic Society, The Utah Friends Of Paleontology (“Rapter Chapter”), the dinosaurs Gastonia (a nodosaur), and Utahraptor were first recovered and described. He has also participated in projects with Dr. Robert Bakker (Jurrasic mammals), Dr. Vince Santucci (Triassic vertebrates, invertebrates, and plants), and many other noted paleontologists at many sites (Cleveland Lloyd, Quarry 66, Quarry 23, etc.) all over the western US involving many different faunas, and strata. More recently, he was chosen as one of the volunteers selected to participate in the Denver Museum’s “Snowmastodon Project” in the Colorado Mountains (2011).

Bedell attended the Wake Forest College/Duke engineering program as well as the University of New Hampshire, where he earned a B.A. in history/psych/English. He has studied paleontology and geology in the Denver Museum of Nature & Science Paleontology Certification Program, taking several courses beyond the mandatory requirements including accredited (University of Colorado) graduate level mammalian and avian osteology. He has also taken courses in fieldwork, labwork, stratigraphy, geology, and paleontology provided by other organizations throughout the Rocky Mountain west, and those provided through WIPS in stratigraphy, geology, paleontology, etc. The fieldwork at FS Quarry is part of a multi-step certification program of BHBF which takes students from many different backgrounds, and from all over the US and Europe, utilizing some unusual equipment, and careful documentation. The quarry has been featured in educational television programs in China, Europe, and the US.

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