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Campus Security Director
Student Center, room 204
Commited to Service!
Some of the services we provide include:
  • Vehicle Restarts
  • Vehicle Unlocks, (excluding electronic locks)
  • Access Assistance
  • Escorts
  • Assistance in Medical Emergencies


Casper College provides a fast paced, dynamic environment for learning to thousands of students each week. Campus security officers provide a reasonably safe and secure campus for all employees, students and guests. We are on campus 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about security and for exploring our website. The next step will be to meet the officers or myself. So feel free to approach any of us or to give us a call. We are here to help!

  • Policies and Reports
  • Meet the Team
  • Building Marshals
  • Past Timely Warnings

Timely Warning -- Vehicles Damaged

All Casper College community members need to be aware that criminal activity is occurring in the parking lots, particularly the Upper Wheeler parking lot between the residence hall and Wheeler Terrace Apartments. This activity is directed at vehicles parked in the lots. A summary of activity is as follows:

On 11/12/14 a vehicle was burglarized in the Krampert Theatre parking lot between 7:00 PM and 10:13 PM. Cash was stolen.

On 11/23/14 a student reported that the tire on her parked vehicle was slashed by unknown person(s) in the Upper Wheeler lot. The incident occurred between 7:30 PM and 11:30 PM on 11/22/14.

On 11/25/14 a student reported that his parked vehicle's window was broken and cash stolen from inside his vehicle in the Upper Wheeler lot. The incident occurred between 11:30 PM 11/24/14 and 9:15 AM 11/25/14.

On 12/4/14 a parked vehicle in the upper Wheeler lot had all of its windows smashed by unknown person(s). The incident occurred between 8:00 PM 12/3/14 and 7:30 AM 12/4/14.

On 12/4/14, a person came forward to report that her tires were slashed while parked in the Lower Residence Hall lot. The incident occurred sometime between
7 PM 11/22/14 and 12 PM 11/24/14.

The Casper Police Department was called in each of these cases.

Community members are cautioned to avoid leaving valuable property inside their vehicles and to call (307) 268-2688 to report any suspicious activity in the parking lots. Call 911 for the Casper Police Department if you observe a crime in progress. Try to obtain a description of the person(s) committing the crime and a vehicle license plate if possible, but do not confront anyone committing a crime or otherwise place yourself in danger. If you have information regarding these crimes please contact Campus Security or the Casper Police Department.

Emergency Preparedness Activities
  • Casper College SecurityOn Tuesday January 27, 2015 Casper College will be hosting a tabletop exercise in conjunction with Natrona County Emergency Management and Casper-Natrona County Public Health. This exercise which will involve participants from Security, Student Health, the School of Nursing, Public Relations, the University of Wyoming at Casper, International Student Services and other departments on campus will be centered around an infectious disease outbreak scenario.

  • On October 28, 2014 personnel from Casper College Campus Security and the Casper Mountain Science School will participate in a tabletop exercise hosted by the US Bureau of Land Management and the Natrona County Office of Emergency Management. The scenario will involve response to a fire on Casper Mountain and will involve discussion of the evacuation of CMSS.

Paper copies of the Annual Security Report, Daily Crime Blotter or Fire Log are available upon request by contacting the Director of Campus Security at (307) 268-2672.
  • Wyoming Sexual Offender Registry
    (Photographs and identifying information of registered offenders sent to Campus Security by the Natrona County Sheriff's Office may be viewed by contacting Campus Security during business hours. Call 268-2688 to inquire.)

Click here to report a student of concern

Click this link to reach the Student Health 101 ezine
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Lance Jones
Campus Security Director
Cameron Clark
Campus Security Officer
Darlyn Clark
Campus Security Officer
Chris Crisp
Campus Security Officer
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Brandi Gosselin
Campus Security Officer
Jeff Lord
Campus Security Officer
Chancey Rogers
Campus Security Officer


BU - Thorson Institute of Business Pam Jones
Lesley Travers
Rachel Wright
BU 126
BU 103A
BU 103
CS - McMurry Career Studies Glen Roberts CS 150 2709
ECLC - Early Childhood Learning Center Donna Sonesen ECLC 2586
EI - Skelton Energy Institute Dale Anderson
Evert Brown
Melissa Connely
EI 108
EI 111
EI 119
GW - Gateway Building Dave Arndt
Kim Byrd
Janet de Vries
Laura Driscoll
Rich Fujita
Lisa Goss
Darry Voigt
GW 116E
GW 412B
GW 338
GW 408G
GW 403A
GW 317
GW 324
HS - Saunders Health Science Center David Bodily
Tammy Frankland
Laurie Weaver
HS 128
HS 202A
HS 105
KT - Krampert Theatre Richard Burk
Jodi Jones
Kyle Melton
KT 103
KT 156
KT 105
LH - Liesinger Hall Russ Christiansen
Trevor Mahlum
Shawn Powell
David Siemens
Crystal Sosalla
LH 188
LH 132F
LH 166
LH 166
LI - Goodstein Foundation Library Vince Crolla
Brad Matthies
Danica Sveda
LI 202C
LI 223
LI 222
LS - Loftin Life Science Center Renee Hardy
Grant Wilson
PS 132
PS 132A
MA - Maintenance Building Pat Allen MA 301A 2695
MU - Music Building Kathy Coe
Eric Unruh
MU 137
MU 132
PS - Wold Physical Science Center Jared Bowden
Renee Hardy
Grant Wilson
PS 207
PS 132
PS 132A
RANCH - Ranch Campus Chantz Potter Ranch  
RH - Residence Hall Emily Busby RH 100D 2851
SH - Strausner Hall Lance Jones SH 204 2672
TB - Erickson Thunderbird Gym Dan Dalen
Dan Russell
TB 163
TB 132D
TM - Tate Museum Patti Finkle TM 104 3026
UU - CC Student Union and UW at Casper Mike Lindahl
Barb Meryhew
Nick Whipps
Renee Woodward
UU 449
UU 405
UU 404
UU 436
VA - Goodstein Visual Arts Center Mike Olson
Linda Ryan
VA 111
VA 105
WA - Werner Agriculture Pavilion Heath Hornecker WA 101 2525
WT - Werner Technical Center Chelse DePaolo-Lara
Darin Miller
WT 125
WT 145

Timely Warning -- Threat of Violence (Resolved)

At approximately 4 p.m. on Friday, December 5, 2014, Casper College was notified of an online threat of gun violence. Casper police department advised the college to lock doors and shelter in place while they searched for the person of interest.

At approximately 4:45 p.m., police indicated that the person of interest had been located, was not in the immediate area and all campus activity could return return to normal.

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