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There is no prescribed or required set of courses for prelegal work. Students must have a B.A. or B.S. degree before beginning the professional study of law. There are no restrictions as to the field in which the degree is earned. Generally, the objective of prelegal study is to acquire a background useful in the study and practice of law. College study should prepare the student for law school by developing language comprehension and use, understanding of political, economic, social, and cultural institutions, and the ability to think logically and creatively. Courses promoting these objectives are included in the Law Booksbasic requirements for most undergraduate degrees. The choice of a major should be determined by the student's academic interest and professional objectives in law. Subjects providing a valuable background for the study or practice of law include accounting, business administration, economics, English, history, language, philosophy, political science, psychology, and sociology.

Contact Information:

Crystal Sosalla
Academic Assistant
LH 166


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There are numerous opportunities within the School of Social & Behavioral Sciences at Casper College. The school is comprised of 13 departments including: Addictionology, Anthropology, Communication, Criminal Justice, Economics, Education, History, International Studies, Paralegal Studies, Political Science, Pre-Law, Psychology, and Sociology (which includes Social Work).

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