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Powerplant OperatorClick for detailsIn today's modern environment, we often take the flip of a light switch for granted.  With this simple gesture, we are connecting to a vast system that includes the elements of people, electric lines, and generating equipment.  Power plant operators, who are responsible for the machinery that generates electricity, are a vital part of this industry.

Four courses new to Casper College were specifically developed for the program and include Power Plant Orientation, Power Plant Supply and Control I and II, and Water Treatment. “These four courses are delivered in a combination of modalities including classroom instruction and field experience through job shadowing,” said Burnett.

According to Burnett regional and national forecasts for employees in this field show a high demand in the next eight to 10 years and beyond. “Students who graduate from Casper College with a certificate or AAS in electric power technology will be prepared to begin a career in the electric power generation industry,” he said.

A total of 64.33 credits are required for the A.A.S. degree and a minimum of 33.5 credits are required for the certificate.


For more information on electric power technology A.A.S. degree, call Dick Burnett at 268-3066, toll free at 800-442-2963, ext. 3066 or via email. Dave Johnson Power Plant Dick Burnett teaching a student in the classroom
Contact Information:  
Rachel Wright
Academic Assistant
CS 116

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Dick Burnett
Program Director
(307) 268-3066
Facebook link
  • Dick Burnett
    • Phone: (307) 268-3066
    • Office: CS 119
    • Weblink
  • Larry (Sissy) Goodwin
    • Phone: (307) 268-3802
    • Office: CS 107
    • Weblink
Dave Johnson Power Plant
Advisory Board Information coming soon!


EPT Group PhotographApplicants must complete and submit the following items to the Casper College Office of Admissions to be considered for acceptance for the Fall 2008 semester:

  • Full Admission to Casper College
  • Current ACT or Compass scores
  • Veterans must provide a copy of DD214
  • Verification of past relevant employment
  • EPT Admission Ranking Worksheet

Selected candidates will be required to:

  • meet the physical requirements needed for power plant work
  • to pass a drug screening
  • interview with Casper College personnel

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