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New "Scenic" Walkways
This student and employee benefit is made possible by
the partial closure of several parking lots due to construction.
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Major changes to lower campus traffic and parking will be made next week when a fence surrounding the UU construction site is erected.

Click for mapsThis will have the following impacts:

  • Campus Drive will be rerouted through the lower campus parking lot that is surrounded by RC, CE, HS and LH. Two lanes of traffic will be maintained, but traffic will likely move slowly over this rerouted section of roadway, which will have some sharp turns and temporary surfaces. No general-use parking will be available anywhere along the rerouted section.

  • The lower campus parking lot surrounded by RC/CE/HS/LH, as well as the small lot across Campus Drive, will be closed and used as the construction staging site.

  • Handicap parking will continue to be available between Roberts Commons and the Strausner Student Center, with some additional spots being provided along the fence line.

  • The outdoor walking path on the hill below Milliken Plaza will not be available. Pedestrians between upper and lower campus will need to take the path below T-Bird Gym or travel through Aley Fine Arts.
    Most of Milliken Plaza (greenspace between BU and PS) will be closed, but the perimeter sidewalks to/from the doors of BU and PS will remain open.

  • Several color-coded walking routes will be marked with plastic signs to direct foot traffic through the most efficient interior corridors and exterior routes for getting from upper campus to lower campus.
    Posters have been distributed for display throughout campus publicizing the changes and the best ways to cope with them.

  • Later this semester we will also lose the lower Krampert Theatre lot, as indicated in the below timeline. This will make parking on lower campus especially difficult for the last few weeks of spring semester.

  • A new parking lot with a capacity of 135 on the former site of Morad Hall is scheduled to open prior to the start of fall 2012 semester

  • A net increase
    As the fall 2013 semester begins, Casper College will have 2,511 parking slots, a net increase of 128 over pre-construction levels.

  • A webpage at has a campus construction map and the information contained in this email. Updates and other information will be posted as the projects progress.
     Updated February 28, 2012 8:19 PM
Parking & Traffic Timeline
  • April, 2010
    • Pre-construction parking level
    • Total campus parking slots: 2,383
  • May, 2010
    • McIntire Hall and adjacent parking lot removed in preparation for new Residence Hall.
    • 163 parking spots removed from service.
    • Total campus parking slots: 2220.
  • July, 2011
    • Gateway Building Completed.
    • New parking lot with 216 parking spots opens across Josendal Drive.
    • Total campus parking slots: 2,436
  • August, 2011
    • Residence Hall Opens.
    • Two new parking lots totaling 214 spots open.
    • Total campus parking slots: 2650
  • January, 2012
    • Parking lots around Morad and Bailey halls close for demolition of halls and construction of new lot.
    • 110 parking spots removed.
    • Total campus parking slots: 2540.
  • March, 2012
    • Construction fence goes up for UU Building site.
    • Campus Drive is rerouted through former RC/LI/HS/LH parking lot
    • Handicap parking spots adjacent to RC retained.
    • 184 parking spots removed.
    • Total campus parking slots: 2,296.
  • April/May 2012
    • Construction fence goes up for MU Building site.
    • Lower Krampert Theatre lot closed. 154 parking spots removed.
    • Total campus parking slots: 2142.
  • August 2012
    • Upper parking lot on site of former residence halls opens.
    • 135 new parking spots available.
    • Total campus parking slots: 2277.
  • June, 2013
    • MU Building Opens.
    • 77 parking slots in lower KT lot returned to service.
    • Lower parking lot on site of residence halls opens
    • 124 new parking slots in lower residence hall lot available
    • Total campus parking slots: 2478.
  • Early 2014
    • UU Building and Campus Plaza Opens.
    • 33 additional parking slots in various locations open.
    • Total campus parking slots: 2511
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