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Casper College offers two degrees in the Paralegal Program and prepares its students for transfer to bachelor programs. We also offer a post bachelor's Legal Assistant Certificate. Our research courses provide our students with legal research skills, fact investigation skills, and computer assisted legal research skills with Westlaw. Other courses provide students with skills in digesting depositions, organizing case files, and drafting of discovery documents, wills, contracts, corporation forms, and family law documents. Students also organize a trial notebook, interview expert witnesses, research evidentiary issues, draft a settlement brochure, prepare a medical chronology, and draft jury instructions. Our students are assisted in job placement through a job search seminar and internships.

Students are encouraged to take the C.P. Exam (Certified Paralegal Exam) which is offered three times a year at Casper College. A review course is offered each fall to prepare for this exam. The C.P. credential is a requirement for many jobs and is a nationally recognized credential.

  Contact Information:

Crystal Sosalla
Academic Assistant
LH 166

Mary Kubichek
Department Head

Specifics on the Casper College Legal Assistant Program (PDF document)

St. Anthony's Mock Trial

Note: Graduates are not authorized to provide direct legal services to the public. The paralegal program provides training for paralegals who are authorized to perform substantive legal work under the supervision of a lawyer. A paralegal cannot establish the relationship with a client, set fees, represent a client in court or give legal advice. Students with felony convictions may not be able to obtain traditional paraleal positions. Transfer students may only transfer nine (9) hours of legal specialty courses.

  • Mary Kubichek
    • Phone: (307) 268-2618
    • Office: LH 175H
    • Weblink

LEGL 1610 Paralegalism I (3L,3CR):
An introduction to the skills necessary to perform paralegal tasks such as briefing cases and interviewing clients. Will introduce students to substantive legal concepts, ethics, and to careers in the paralegal profession.

LEGL 1620 Paralegalism II (3L,3CR):
Transactional law for the paralegal covers contracts, corporations, probate, and real property skills necessary for the practicing paralegal. Students also participate in a job search seminar. Prerequisite: LEGL 1610.

LEGL 1700 Legal Analysis (3L,3CR):
Covers briefing, legal analysis, and synthesizing skills. Students will brief, analyze and synthesize cases on substantial law issues. Prerequisite: LEGL 1610 or concurrent enrollment.

LEGL 1710 Legal Research and Writing I (3L,3CR):
Covers the basic tools of legal research: citation, federal and state decisions, digests, statutes, law reviews, the use of Shepard’s and Wesltaw. Students complete research exercises and write an interoffice memorandum. Prerequisite: LEGL 1610, or permission of the instructor.

LEGL 1720 Legal Research and Writing II (3L,3CR):
Covers legal writing, fact investigation, interviewing fact witnesses, drafting witness statements and legal drafting. Prerequisite: LEGL 1710.

LEGL 2500 Civil Procedure (3L,3CR):
Uses the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the Wyoming Rules of Civil Procedure to teach service of process, filing, discovery, and execution of judgments. Includes the drafting of pleadings and discovery documents, digesting depositions, compiling a medical chronology and case management. Prerequisite: LEGL 1610.

LEGL 2550 Litigation Support (3L,3CR):
Covers substantive tort law in the framework of a trial. Students learn skills necessary to perform as litigation assistants by organizing a trial notebook, working with experts, preparing exhibits, and researching motions. Prerequisite: LEGL 2500.

LEGL 2610 Family Law (3L,3CR):
Covers the substantive law of domestic relations with specific emphasis on the role of the paralegal in these cases.

LEGL 2970 Legal Assistant Internship (1-3CR) (Max. 6):
Students are placed in a law firm, clerk’s office, public defender’s office, district attorney’s office, or other appropriate legal environment. Students will be provided the opportunity to work as paralegals under the supervision of a lawyer and the instructor. Prerequisite: LEGL 1710 and LEGL 2500.

LEGL 2975 Independent Studies for the Legal Assistant (1-3CR) (Max. 6):
Faculty-guided research in areas of law relevant to a paralegal career. Students will be given the opportunity to research legal cases, law review articles and other materials. Students will be required to complete projects which will refine their paralegal skills. Prerequisite: LEGL 1710.

Casper College Legal Services
Providing access to justice through service learning.

Legal scales and gavel

How it works:

  • Clients are accepted in August and January
  • Clients are interviewed by current students and graduates of the Casper College Paraletal Program. A licensed attorney then reviews the information and qualified cases are assigned to licensed attorneys
  • Paralegals provide pro bono legal services - supervised by pro bono attorneys
  • Clients pay costs but no attoreny fees


The program works with civil matters such as:
  • simple wills
  • uncontested dirvorces
  • name changes
  • small claims

For more informaiton please conact
Casper College Legal Services
Mary Kubichek

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