CC President Expresses Appreciation for Fast Police Response

Casper College President Walter Nolte today expressed his appreciation for the Casper Police Department’s actions that led to a precautionary evacuation of campus this morning.

“While we were pleased that the found object was eventually discovered to be harmless, we are fully supportive of decisions to evacuate the campus whenever there is a credible threat to our students, visitors or employees,” he said.”

“Even to those of us who have no expertise in explosives, the photo of this morning’s unattended item appears to be very similar to images of pipe bombs seen in media over the decades. Those who saw the object were particularly concerned about the nails that could easily be seen inserted into the object.”

"The campus community is thankful to the Casper Police Department for their efforts in initially assessing the possibility of risk, for their investigative work, and for the information they shared with the campus community and area media."

Initially, the Union/University building was evacuated, and a short time later Casper Police determined that a complete evacuation of campus was warranted based on the visible characteristics of the found object. Because the residence hall is closely monitored and secured, that building was excluded from the evacuation order.

Below is the transcript from emergency texts, emails, and phone calls that were placed in response to the incident:

  • 9:38 a.m. - A suspicious and potentially dangerous device has been left in the UU building, which is being evacuated. More info to follow.
  • 9:47 a.m. - CC Alert: Police are investigating suspicious device in UU. Report additional suspicious devices in other campus buildings or suspicious activity by calling 911.
  • 9:59 a.m. - CC Alert Test: Police have indicated that the Casper College campus should be evacuated to allow for full investigation and to ensure safety. More to follow.
  • 10:02 a.m. - CC Alert: This is not a test. Casper College campus should be evacuated by those not involved in the situation response. More info to follow.
  • 10:13 a.m. - CC Alert: Residence Hall students may remain in the residence halls, or exit campus. Other than response personnel, others must leave campus.
  • 11:27 a.m. - CC Alert: Police have removed their evacuation order and have cleared the entire campus for occupancy. Classes will resume and offices will reopen at 1 p.m.

PHOTO: The unattended item found on campus this morning rests on a table near where it was located in the Union/University Building at Casper College this morning, with several dozen nail heads visible.


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Published on:

February 11, 2015