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Machine Tool TechnologyMachinists are highly skilled operators of machine tools that fabricate parts from a wide variety of materials. Working from blueprints, sketches, or their own designs, these technicians produce precision parts with extremely close tolerances. Graduates who want to work in the field usually have little difficulty, because there is high demand for good machinists.

The Machine Tool Technology program at Casper College provides students with the opportunity to learn skills necessary to work in the precision metalworking profession. Students learn basic machine tools such as band saws, drill presses, engine and CNC (Computer Numerical Control) lathes and horizontal grinders. At the same time, we emphasize safety and responsibility in the work place.

We will teach you how to set up and operate machines. You will learn to program and operate computer-numerically controlled (CNC) milling machines and lathes. We will cover the operation of precision measurement and test equipment used by metals manufacturing industries, and help you understand and identify the many different materials and processes used by industry.

Contact Information:
Rachel Wright
Academic Assistant
CS 116

      Mark Steinle
(307) 268-2411
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  • Mark McCool
    • Phone: (307) 268-2508
    • Office: WT 129C
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  • Paul Brutsman
    • Phone: (307) 268-2529
    • Office: GW 116I
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MCHT 1570 Machine Trades Computations (2L,2CR):
Practical application of mathematical problems and formulas directly related to the machine shop.

MCHT 1610 Machine Tool Technology I (1L,2LB,2CR):
An introduction to machine tools and processes. Includes theory and operation of the engine lathe, vertical and horizontal milling machines, bore development and conditioning, sawing, grinding, threading, layout, and machine maintenance.

MCHT 1620 Machine Tool Technology II (1L,2LB,2CR):
A continuation of MCHT 1610 with more complicated operations and in depth theory. Topics include shapers, indexing, boring, and broaching. Prerequisite: MCHT 1610.

MCHT 1640 Basic Machining Practice (4L,12LB,10CR):
Introduction to benchwork and machining processes. Includes work on saws, drilling machines, engine lathes, milling machines.

MCHT 1650 Intermediate Machining Practice (4L,12LB,10CR):
A continuation of MCHT 1640 with more complicated machining operations and theory. Prerequisite: MCHT 1640.

MCHT 1680 Blueprint Reading (2L,2CR):
Introduces the student to the fundamentals of blueprint reading and freehand sketching as it applies to the machine shop.

MCHT 1980 Cooperative Work Experience (Machine Shop) (1-8CR) (Max. 8):
On-the-job training with a cooperative machine shop. Weekly work reports and 80 hours of work for each hour of credit. Prerequisite: permission of the instructor.

MCHT 2650 Advanced Machining Practice (2L,14LB,9CR):
Advanced theory and machine operation for second-year students. Prerequisite: MCHT 1650.

MCHT 2780 Computer Numerical Control I (2L,4LB,4CR):
Investigation and justification of numerical control of machine tools, types of control units and systems, feedback systems, and programming. Instruction is focused on operation of three axis milling machine. Working knowledge of basic machining processes is suggested.

MCHT 2790 Computer Numerical Control II (2L,4LB,4CR):
Continuation of MCHT 2780. Direct programming of CNC machine tools and introduction to computer assisted programming. Focus on setup and operation of two axis lathe with FANUC controller.

MCHT 2800 Computer-Assisted Manufacturing (2L,2LB,3CR):
Computer applications in programming machine tools. Part programming using SurfCam, a menu-driven software package, to acquaint students with a CAD/CAM system.

MCHT 2965 Directed Studies (1-2CR) (Max. 8):
An option for students with sufficient background to pursue special problems in the machine shop under contract with the instructor. Prerequisite: MCHT 1610 and permission of the instructor.

MCHT 2995 Machine Shop Workshop (1-2CR) (Max. 8):
A variable interest course in the machining field.

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