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A world of flagsThe International Studies Program offers a broad interdisciplinary curriculum leading to an Associate of Arts degree. This program draws on courses from anthropology, economics, foreign language, geography, history, political science, and sociology. The curriculum provides a strong substantive background in world affairs along with analytic and language skills to prepare the student who wishes to pursue additional study and a career in government services, business, law or education.

The recommended curriculum is geared toward those students who are transferring to the University of Wyoming. Students who are planning to transfer to out-of-state institutions should refer to the requirements of their transfer institution.

Contact Information:

Crystal Sosalla
Academic Assistant
LH 166

      Erich Frankland
Political Science Department Head
  • Erich Frankland
    • Phone: (307) 268-2490
    • Office: LH 175I
    • Weblink

ANTH 1200 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (3L,3CR) E][CS][G]:
Using an ethnological approach, (comparative study of culture), this course surveys the basic concepts of cultural anthropology including cross cultural investigations of kinship, marriage, language, religion, politics, economics, and culture change.

ECON 1010 Principles of Macroeconomics (3L,3CR)[E][CS]:
An introduction to our present mixed capitalistic economic system. Emphasis is on the role of markets, the determination of national output, inflation and unemployment, the banking system, and the economic role of government.

GEOG 1000 World Regional Geography (3L,3CR)[E][CS][G]:
An overview of the world’s major physical regions: the physical features, climates, and natural resources of each region, and how the people living in each region have adapted to, and are affected by, their physical environment.

HIST 1110 Western Civilization I (3L,3CR)[E][CH]:
A general survey of the significant political, social, economic, cultural, and intellectual concepts and institutions of the West, from the Paleolithic origins of humans through the Reformation.

HIST 1120 Western Civilization II (3L,3CR)[E]:
A general survey of the modern world, from the Reformation to the present. Emphasis is equally divided between national histories and the development of Europe as a whole, including the impact of the West on the entire world.

HIST 1221 United States from 1865 (3L,3CR)[E][V]:
A survey of the economic, social, and political development of the United States from reconstruction to the present. This course will satisfy the statutory requirement of the U.S. and Wyoming Constitution.

POLS 1200 Non-Western Political Cultures (3L,3CR)[E][CS][G]:
This course gives students appreciation of non-Western political cultures and how these cultures have created different political institutions and practices. Consists of three case studies of non-Western nations selected from China, India, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania and Russia.

POLS 2200 The Politics of Europe and the European Union (3L,3CR)[E]:
Examines formal and informal aspects of politics in Britain, other West European countries, and the European Union.

POLS 2310 Introduction to International Relations (3L,3CR)[E][G]:
A theoretical and practical survey of the international political system, including concepts of power and power relationships, elements of international organizations and contemporary international relations. Prerequisite: HIST 1120, or POLS 1000, or permission of the instructor.

SOC 1000 Introduction to Sociology (3L,3CR)[E][CS]:
A survey of the organization of human society and the impact of group membership and interpersonal relationships upon human behavior.

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There are numerous opportunities within the School of Social & Behavioral Sciences at Casper College. The school is comprised of 13 departments including: Addictionology, Anthropology, Communication, Criminal Justice, Economics, Education, History, International Studies, Paralegal Studies, Political Science, Pre-Law, Psychology, and Sociology (which includes Social Work).

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