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The Casper College Honors Program offers qualifying students the opportunity to join with their peers in a challenging program tailored to meet their intelligence and strong motivation. Our curriculum includes four interdisciplinary seminars featuring timely and relevant topics such as, "Biomedical and Environmental Ethics," "Comparative Philosophical Traditions," and "Quest for American Identity."  These seminars will satisfy many of the college general education requirements, thus reducing extra coursework. Field trips to cultural events and conferences will take your learning outside the classroom.

Numerous benefits accompany involvement in this program. For example, increased financial aid may be available for qualifying students. Furthermore, the Casper College honors program articulates with the University of Wyoming honors program.

Honors Program Director
David Zoby
307-268- 2379
     Assistant Director
Thom DeVoogd
      Casper College
125 College Drive
Casper, WY 82601

Alaska Course
Casper College’s Honors Program is designed to promote a rigorous academic program for exceptionally talented and motivated students. Moved by the quest for truth, and with the goal of gaining a comprehensive view of the nature of thought, knowledge, and human understanding in an environment of creative interaction, honors students explore the fundamental ideas and values of human culture from a variety of disciplines. Moreover, students are challenged to develop and exercise their moral responsibilities, which include leadership, thoughtful self-governance, and social consciousness.
The Casper College Honors Program embodies the belief that we discover ourselves within the rich network of participatory community. Unlike the standard approach to education, which all too often features huge classes in which the individual loses her or his identity while sitting passively, the CC Honors community promotes both self-awareness as well as the bonds of friendship forged through a shared commitment to ourselves, to others, and to the larger world. Animated by a common love of truth, CC Honors students also enjoy informal social gatherings, field trips to cultural events, conference attendance, fun outdoor activities, and simply hanging out with friends in the Honors lounge. So at Casper College, we offer a vibrant alternative to the alienation so commonly found in an approach that places numbers over people.


Just a quick word about the Honors trip to the Teton Science School. We had some obstacles to overcome--a government shutdown followed by a blizzard--but in the end, the trip was an incredible success.

We hiked, we had conversations with biologists, educators, and architects. We ran the program into the night. We even read from A Sand County Almanac around a campfire. I am confident the students had an experience that they will not forget.

Thank you for the funding and support for this project.
-- Chad Hanson

Honors at the Tetons

Dear Dave Zoby and the Honors Program,

I just wanted to write and thank you so much for sending me on the D.C. Service Learning Trip. I have been on several trips in my life with different organizations that have taken me around the world. This D.C. trip was truly one of the best trips I have ever been on.

I can speak for several people that were on the trip, that have agreed with me about what an eye opener it was for all of us. I had an incredible experience and learned many new things on a subject I considered to be well informed and passionate about.

I think the Honors Program is one of the best opportunities that Casper College offers students. I have truly been challenged in the last year, since I was accepted to the program, in each of the Honor’s classes I attended.

I recently got accepted to Colorado State University and will be transferring down to Ft. Collins to continue on with my education after graduating this May. I hope to get my MFA and become a teacher at a community college because I have seen the difference and the impact that teachers make in not only my life, but many of the students that attend a community college.

Thank you again for the academic challenges, opportunities, and the support.

Very respectfully,

Rebekah Merlino
(came to Casper College after a deployment in Afghanistan)

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CC Honors Program students take four interdisciplinary seminars during the course of their program. These small, interactive classes feature timely and relevant topics of concern to American society and the world. 

  • Topics such as “The Quest for American Identity,” “The History of Totalitarianism,” and “Biomedical and Environmental Ethics.”
  • Stimulating classes based on discussion and interaction.
  • Interesting field trips to cultural events and conferences as well as informal social gatherings and outdoor activities. Exciting travel-abroad opportunities.



Casper College's Honor's Holocaust class visits a memorial in Colorado, September, 2012

Honors class
  • Increased financial aid may be available for qualifying students.
  • Articulation agreement with University of Wyoming's honors program.
  • Small, stimulating, interactive classes taught by exceptional scholars committed to your success.
  • Travel abroad, service learning alternative spring break opportunities.
  • Membership in a vibrant community premised on the values of academic achievement, leadership, and social consciousness.
  • High school GPA of 3.25 or higher.
  • Composite ACT score of 25 or higher; SAT of 1700 or better.
    ~ and ~
  • A letter of recommendation from an instructor familiar with your work and promise.
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All classes (EXCEPT HUMN 2320) are Honors classes, open to all students.


  • Cinema History - COM 2380
    Van Houten
    W 6:30-10
  • Secrets of Earth Geology - GEO 1010
    M/W 1-2:30
  • African American Literature - ENGL 2350
    MWF 11-11:50
  • Culture of Oaxaca - SPAN 2410
    F 11


  • Environmental Sociology - SOC 2112
    T 12:30-1:45
  • Quest for American Identity - HUMN 2320
    W 3-5:30
  • Twentieth Centry Europe - HIST 2115
    T/TH 9:30-11
  • Museum Studies - ART 1300
    M/W 10-11:15
Alaska Course
  • SPRING 2015:
    • Alternative Spring Break, New Mexico

  • SUMMER 2015:
    • Oaxaca, Mexico, summer 2015

This are both travel courses with additional course fees.

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