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It was suggested at the April 2012 All-Staff Alliance meeting to have a section on our web page for current news directly related to the Staff. Below are the headlines and preliminary information for news that pertains to the Staff.

Please let me know if you have items you would like to see included here, and I will add them accordingly.

Ann Dalton , Staff Alliance Chair


  • UPDATE: Policy Approval: Policies are continually being updated and reviewed by the Policy Committee and College Council. Feedback sent in will be reviewed and a follow up email will be sent out to all Staff with feedback from the Policy Committee on all comments submitted. Feedback to all drafts of policies is welcome.

  • UPDATE: All staff are welcomed and encouraged to attend all meetings.

  • UPDATE: Next ALL STAFF MEETING - Wednesday,September 23 at 9 a.m. GW 225
  • UPDATE: Durst Award Committee: We have updated information about important dates. See the Durst tab for more information.



Full-time or part-time benefited staff are members of the Staff Alliance, hereinafter designated as “Alliance.” Each member shall be eligible to vote during elections, hold office, and participate in all the rights and privileges of the Alliance. Non-benefited part-time staff, staff retirees, and those who are classified staff of the UW/CC Center are associate members of the Staff Alliance. They shall have no voting power and be considered ineligible to hold office in the Alliance. They shall be entitled to all other rights and privileges of the Alliance.
  • The objective and purpose of the Alliance is:
    • To promote professional practices; active participation of all in the solution of institutional matters; and allegiance to a genuine spirit of professional ethics.
    • To encourage high performance standards among Casper College classified staff employees, hereinafter designated as “staff”; aid in securing and maintaining adequate salaries and sound retirement systems; to support legislation for the betterment of higher education; to encourage improvements as will enable staff to function properly as a vital component to the progress of education at Casper College; and show recognition for retirement and meritorious service.
    • To be an active communication link for meaningful exchange between staff, faculty and administration relative to issues of mutual concern.
    • To encourage staff to exercise their rights and privileges as citizens and to accept leadership in campus and civic affairs.

  • The goal of the Alliance is:
    • Enhanced staff development opportunities.
    • Enhanced recognition for staff accomplishments
    • Improved communications between staff and all other employees.
    • Continued staff involvement in issues regarding working conditions and employment practices.

Casper College Staff Alliance Executive Committee 2014-2015

  • Chair
    Ann Dalton, Workforce Training Specialist
    Office: GW 408F
    Phone: 268-2085

  • Vice Chair
    Sarah Tooker, Accountant
    Office: GW 303C
    Phone: 268-2364

  • Secretary/Treasurer
    Maggie Abbott-Wills, Employee Benefits & Risk Specialist
    Office: GW 402B
    Phone: 268-2227

  • CCA Activities Representatives
    Sarah Schneider
    Shereen Matheson

  • General Representatives
    Laura Burnett
    Becky Burton
    Melody Dugan
    Karel Mathisen
    Anna Miller
    Erin Siems

Staff Alliance Policies and Procedures

2014-2015 Meeting Schedule

All Staff Alliance Executive Committee meetings will be held on the Thursday before the regularly scheduled CC District Board Meeting. Dates for the year are as follows:

  • October 16 , 2014, 2:00 p.m. - GW 312
  • November 13, 2014, 2:00 p.m. - GW 312
  • December 11, 2014, 2:00 p.m. - GW 312
  • January 15, 2015, 2:00 p.m. - GW 312
  • February 12, 2015, 2:00 p.m. - GW 312
  • March 12, 2015, 2:00 p.m. - GW 312

  • April, 2015 - ALL STAFF MEETING - Wednesday, April 29 -GW#225

  • May 14, 2015, 2:00 p.m. - TBA
  • June 11, 2015, 2:00 p.m. - TBA
  • July 16, 2015, 2:00 p.m. - TBA
  • August 13, 2015, 2:00 p.m. - TBA

  • September, 2015 - ALL STAFF MEETING - TBA
    (Elections will be held during this meeting.)

Classified Staff Professional Development Fund

With the belief that education and training are fundamental to personal and professional growth, Casper College supports both job-related and personal development activities for classified staff employees.

As far as funding, it is the responsibility of an employee’s department to ensure that its employees attend any training necessary to perform their job duties.  The Classified Staff Development Fund provides opportunities beyond this basic premise and seeks to assist employees with career/job-related development, personal education, and training opportunities.  These opportunities may prepare employees for change, enhance their own well-being, or create an important network of support, which can benefit the employee, the department, and the college community.

The classified Staff Development Fund is intended to provide support for as many individuals as possible using the following means:


  • Provide a higher level of understanding and performance within current positions.
  • Improve skills and knowledge that can be immediately applied at work.
  • Encourage growth and career development of employees.
  • Provide opportunities for promotion and/or lateral moves contributing to the employee’s career satisfaction.
  • Provide a greater sense of responsibility for managing one’s own career, contributing to self-confidence.
  • Assist employees who seek to meet essential education requirements; therefore, new position opportunities within the college.
  • Increase motivation and job satisfaction.
  • Promote personal growth and increase personal well-being.

All benefited staff employees are eligible to receive support for professional or personal development activities, providing their job performance is rated as satisfactory or better.  Eligibility for financial support will begin once the employee has completed his or her probationary period.

Committee Members
Sarah Tooker - Chair
Becky Burton
Karel Mathisen
Erin Siems
GW 334
GW 350
GW 403
GW 326

Classified staff are encouraged to submit an application for funding if they plan to attend workshops, courses, or conferences, in support of their professional or personal development goals.  Support from this fund cannot be used to relieve departments of their responsibility to provide for the professional development of their members.  Activities/programs that are necessary for applicants to perform their job duties should be funded through sources other than development funds.

The fund is not intended to provide ongoing tuition support for a degree program because those tuition expenses can be covered by a tuition waiver or reimbursement through the Human Resources Department.  The fund is also not intended to support recurring annual programs, which can, and should, be anticipated/budgeted within a department.

Classified Staff Development activities may include but are not limited to:

  • Training workshops
  • Conferences and seminars
  • Conference materials
  • Travel expenses, including lodging and meals to professional events/conferences
  • Meeting expenses and travel for professional and technical association meetings
  • Books, software, and other course related materials associated with Casper College and upper level coursework
  • Non-credit course fees for job-related enhancement

Fund Limitations:

  • Membership fees will not be awarded through these professional development funds.
  • Funds cannot be used to reimburse departmental budgets. Only personal out-of-pocket expenses may be covered.
  • Continuing education courses for the maintenance of state licenses, which are a requirement for employment in the employee’s present position, are not considered professional development programs and do not qualify for fee reimbursement.
  • Staff members who are unaware whether or not a particular request meets the guidelines for staff development funding are encouraged to speak to their supervisor or a member of this committee.
  • Individual funding may not exceed $300 per fiscal year.
  • The expense for which the staff member is seeking reimbursement must have been incurred in the same fiscal year from which the award will be granted.

Application Process / Forms

Requests for Staff Development Funding are made by completing the Staff Development Funds application form. Applications must be filled out completely and have appropriate applicant and supervisor signatures and documentation. Supervisor signature is required only if the funding request is professional or job related. A complete application should include copies of brochures, receipts for purchased materials or descriptive marketing materials outlining the activity pertaining to the request if applicable.

Only complete applications will be reviewed by the committee. If possible, proposals should be submitted in advance of the activity. Some exceptions may occur such as a reimbursement for materials purchased at a conference, or materials already purchased for a current class. The deadline for submitting proposals is the 10th day of each month. Proposals submitted after that deadline will be held until the next month. Proposals should be submitted to the Staff Development Committee Chair.

Classified Staff Professional Development Committee/Decisions and Notification

  • The Classified Staff Professional Development Committee will be comprised of a three member subcommittee of the Staff Alliance. Terms of service are staggered and two years in length.
  • Awards are based on the merit of the request and availability of funds. Preference will be given to those activities/programs for which other funding is not available and to those individuals that have not been funded in the past. Preference will also be given to proposals which support the mission and goals of Casper College.
  • The committee will meet on a monthly basis during the academic year and as needed during the summer. Applications will be reviewed within ten days of the submission deadline date. The committee may request additional information from the applicant to fully understand the nature of the activity/program and/or funding needs. The committee will notify applicants of its decisions following each meeting by returning the application to the applicant with committee considerations and decisions noted.
  • Awards run concurrently with the Casper College fiscal year, July 1-June 30.

The Casper College Staff Alliance is pleased to announce the Employee of the Month for August 2015 :

The Casper College Staff Alliance is pleased to announce the Employee of the Month for August 2015.  Congratulations Don Lewis! Don is one of our Computer Support Technicians and has been with Casper College for almost two years.

Don “really cares about doing a good job”. He responds to all requests quickly and follows up afterwards. Some of his proponents said his behind the scenes work “makes the library look good and definitely contributes to the academic success of our students”. Another stated that they are grateful to have him at the college.

Don is highly deserving of this recognition, setting an example for all employees to follow.  Please join us in congratulating Don Lewis as the August 2015 Casper College Staff Employee of the Month. .

Committee Members
Standing Committee
Ashley Mikels - Co-Chair
Melody Dugan - Co-Chair
GW 408
WT 124

Selection Committee (OCT- DEC)
Dennis Otto Kathy Coe
Nancy Stevenson
MA 308
MU 137
Nomination Form and Procedures

The purpose of the Employee of the Month (EOM) Award is to recognize outstanding accomplishments and/or service by classified staff employees of Casper College.

All benefited, non-probationary, classified staff employees (with the exception of the Staff Alliance Executive Committee) who work a minimum of twenty (20) hours per week are eligible for the award. Previous recipients will be eligible for nomination after three (3) years of last award.

To nominate an employee, click the EOM Nomination Form below. Once form is completed you can submit the form electronically by clicking the "submit by email" button or print the form and send intercampus mail to Melody Dugan - WT 124.


Previous Winners
  April 2014 - Mary Lewallen January 2013 - Shereen Mosier
  March 2014 - Liz Romsa December 2012 - Teresa Millan
August 2015 - Don Lewis February 2014 - Rachel Wright Nov 2012 - Nathan Long
July 2015 - Tiptida Telck January 2014 - Jo Ann Heron January 2013 - Shereen Mosier
June 2015 - Chris Crisp December 2013 - Dennis Otto December 2012 - Teresa Millan
May 2015 - Crystal Sosalla November 2013 - Kathy Coe Nov 2012 - Nathan Long
April 2015 - Erin Kay January 2014 - Jo Ann Heron Oct 2012 - Vicki Pollock
March 2015 - Pam Honken December 2013 - Dennis Otto Sept 2012 - Vikki Stoner
February 2015 - Megan Schafer November 2013 - Kathy Coe August - 2012 Steve Padilla
January 2015 - Lynn Cook October 2013 - Nancy Stevenson July 2012 - Melody Dugan
December 2014 - Peggy Candelaria September 2013 - Paula Epperson June 2012 - Mark Hladik
November 2014 - Guadalupe Kerr August 2013 - Shannon Eskam May 2012 - Blake Harkins
October 2014 - Debra Kuhn July 2013 - Steve Armijio April 2012 - Laurie Johnstone
September 2014 - Les Brown June 2013 - Ron Rennich March 2012 - Michelle Higgins
August 2014 - Elizabeth Loro May 2013 - Bill Hout Feb 2012 - John Chapin
July 2014 - Nita Romero April 2013 - Anna Miller Jan 2012 - Jan Dalgarno
June 2014 - Laura Burnett March 2013 - Laurie Lye Dec 2011 - Bill Mayfield
May 2014 - Tonya Clemens February 2013 - JP Cavigelli Nov 2011 - Cindy Burgess

The Robert O. Durst Classified Staff Award was established to recognize and honor one outstanding Casper College Staff member annually. All benefitted classified staff (except the committee co-chairs) are eligible to compete for this prestigious recognition and $1,000 cash award.

The following criteria will be weighed for award consideration:
1. The candidate must possess qualities of an outstanding classified staff member.
2. The candidate must be involved and contribute to campus and community activities.
3. The candidate must have exemplary achievements and/or accomplishments.

See "Nominating an Employee" below for more details and a nomination form.

Nomination Form

Selection Guidelines

Committee Members
Standing Committee
Ann Dalton - Co-Chair
Stephanie Marker - Co-Chair
GW 408F
CE 102

Selection Committee Structure

  • One alliance member from each unit of the college – Administrative Services, Student Services, Academic Affairs, Executive Branch (i.e. Public Relations, Information Technology) and the winner of the previous year. These representatives shall not serve consecutive years.
  • The Selection Committee shall work in consultation with a member of the Executive Committee.
  • If any conflict of interest exists, as in “letter of support requests, nomination, etc,” committee members must be made aware and appropriate action shall be taken

Nominating an Employee
Any Casper College employee may nominate a classified staff candidate, by submitting this nomination form by Friday, February 27, 2015. Contact HR if you have a question about whether an employee is eligible. Self-nominations are not permitted for this award. Please, only one employee per nomination sheet.

Nominations will not be accepted after the Friday, February 27, 2015 deadline and only completed forms will be accepted. Three letters of support (one by the nominator and two others chosen by the nominator) will need to be sent to the Robert O. Durst Award Committee by March 20. The Committee will select the recipient based on those letters. The award recipient will be announced at the annual Retirement and Recognition dinner.

Previous Winners
  2013 - Belle Stapleton 2010 - Robert Taylor
  2012 - Mike McLemore 2009 - Mary Lewallen
2014 - Melody Dugan 2011 - Glenda Pullen 2008 - Sarah Sulzen (first recipient)
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