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Click for detailsThe Campus...Community...Vision campaign of the Casper College Foundation will raise the remaining dollars needed to allow the college to complete the Campus Master Plan. The plan, which includes five new buildings and a dramatic new campus plaza, provides a beautiful and functional new "front door" to campus while breathing new life into some of the college's most venerable and recognizable buildings.

Generous local taxpayer support, special state allocations, and careful management of existing resources has provided more than 90 percent of the needed resources, but participation from friends of the college is needed to finish raising the last $2.3 million to complete the largest campus expansion since the 1970s. Dick and Linda Wheeler of Casper have generously created a $1 million dollar challenge match going on right now through the Casper College Foundation. So please donate right now for the maximum good.

The campaign presents potential donors with a significant charitable deduction opportunity. For the 2014 tax year households with higher income levels will not see a phase out of their donation deductibility, making it a prime opportunity for individuals to support the college and receive the maximum tax benefit.

For more information contact:
Paulann Doane
Executive Director
Alumni Association
Foundation Home Page
Vision Campus Community
Campaign Brochure
Community Partners
Campus Map & Fast Facts
Make a Gift!

StudentsCC employees are great at Creating Thunder! This year's employee campaign allows you to decide where to strike!

The annual employee campaign is all about choices. Help your campus nonprofit, the Casper College Foundation, support the area(s) you feel strongest about. If you mark area of greatest need, the foundation will use your donation where the current greatest need is as determined by the college. Payroll deduction is an easy option.

STRIKE NOW to help Casper College and win major prizes!
Saratoga Resort and Spa is giving two employees a night stay in a deluxe room with dinner and spa coupons, and craft beers. All donations of $84 (this is only $7 per month via payroll deduction) will be entered for these grand prizes. All donors will be entered for 40 other prizes including a bluetooth, wireless desk speaker.

Your giving choices:  
  • Alumni Association
  • Area of greatest need
  • Employee benevolent fund
  • International Education
  • Library
  • OLLI
  • Ranch Campus
  • Scholarships
  • T-Bird Booster Club
  • Tate Geological Museum
  • Theatre and Dance
  • Werner Wildlife Museum
  • Western History Center
  • School of Business and Industry
  • School of Fine Arts and Humanities
  • School of Health Science
  • School of Science
  • School of Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • All Schools
  • Other

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As an example, one CC Employee committed $25/month through the Payroll Deduction option, which adds up to $300 between now and December 2015.
She stated, "It's really important to support our college. I look at it as not eating out once each month while supporting a good cause and earning a tax deduction.

Click Here to participate via Payroll Deduction, Charge, Check, or Cash

Your volunteer, employee campaign team is Ann Dalton (2085), Lynnde Colling (2232), Jennifer Pepple (3060), Brandon Kosine (2221), Mike McLemore (2009), Vicki Pollock (2097), Renee Sietmann (2513), and Elliott Ramage (2325). Call or email any us if you have questions. Anyone in the Foundation office can also help.
(NOTE: IF you choose to donate via cash or check, we would be happy to stop by and pick it up.)

Thunderous thanks to these Casper College participants.
Please join us & create some Thunder!

This year's campaign particpants so far:
  • Wes Bertagnole
  • Denise Bressler
  • Todd Cotton
  • Paulann Doane
  • Linda Nix
  • Elliott Ramage
  • Becky Wise

In last year's campaign, 143 employees participated raing over $25,000 that was matched by a generous donor to over $50,000.
  • Anonymous (1)
  • Maggie Abbott-Wills
  • Dale Anderson
  • Joanna Anderson
  • David Arndt
  • Karen Arnold
  • Eric Atkins
  • Nathan Baker
  • Amber Battista-Olson
  • Wes Bertagnole
  • Jonathan Blesi
  • Melanie Booth
  • Denise Bressler
  • Cindy Burgess
  • Rick Burgin
  • Kim Byrd
  • Jean-Pierre Cavigelli
  • Rachel Chadderdon
  • Paul Christman
  • Tonya Clemens
  • Lynnde Colling
  • Connie Colman
  • Melissa Connely
  • Todd Cotton
  • Jennifer Cowell
  • Bethany Cutts
  • Jan Dalgarno
  • Ann Dalton
  • Janet de Vries
  • Chelse DePaolo-Lara
  • Tom DeVoogd
  • Paulann Doane
  • Steve Dobby
  • Gary Donnelly
  • Ruth Doyle
  • Melody Dugan
  • Beverly Dye
  • Ami Dyrek
  • Paula Epperson
  • Charles Ewing
  • Lynn Fletcher
  • Kyla Foltz
  • Erich Frankland
  • Tammy Frankland
  • Rich Fujita
  • John Ganley
  • Traci Gardner
  • Diane Ginsbach
  • Bryan Golterman
  • Tara Golterman
  • Sissy Goodwin
  • Lisa Goss
  • Megan Graham
  • Shari Greiner
  • Dwight Gunnare
  • Katy Hallock
  • Sandy Hanify
  • Lizzy Hede
  • Jo Ann Heron
  • Brent Heuer
  • Mark Hladik
  • Tracey Hollister
  • Terri House
  • Heather Huber
  • Jessica Hurless
  • Lisa Icenogle
  • Valerie Innella
  • Kendall Jacobs
  • Chauncy Johnson
  • Robin Johnson
  • Laurie Johnstone
  • Pam Jones
  • Amy Kirkman
  • Brandon Kosine
  • Jeana Lam-Pickett
  • Bill Landen
  • Robyn Landen
  • Jim Logue
  • Heidi Loucks
  • Cristie Love
  • Beth Luers
  • Laurie Lye
  • Trevor Mahlum
  • Karel Mathisen
  • Brad Matthies
  • Mike McLemore
  • Katie McMillan
  • Mark Mehn
  • Barb Meryhew
  • Anna Miller
  • Kelsee Miller
  • Bill Mixer
  • Lisa Mixer
  • Karen Moenkhaus
  • Robert Moenkhaus
  • David Mondle
  • Lindsey Neely
  • Linda Nichols
  • Linda Nix
  • Walter Nolte
  • Kathy Nottingham
  • Mike Olson
  • Margo Perry
  • Tanya Peterson
  • Marilee Pickering
  • Kelly Politte
  • Vicki Pollock
  • Shawn Powell
  • Diana Quealy-Berge
  • Lorraine Radford
  • Elliott Ramage
  • Cara Rodriguez
  • Kim Roth
  • Linda Ryan
  • Allen Sanchez
  • Michael Sawyer
  • Megan Schafer
  • Deanna Schaff
  • Renee Sietmann
  • Leanne Sims
  • Donna Sonesen
  • Ebba Stedillie
  • Claudia Stewart
  • Daniel Straka
  • Debra Swedberg
  • Kathleen Thatcher
  • Zack Thatcher
  • Joanne Theobald
  • Ana Thompson
  • Sarah Tooker
  • Karen Trohkimoinen
  • Eric Unruh
  • Pete Van Houten
  • Darry Voigt
  • Teresa Wallace
  • Vickie Weber
  • Holly Wendt
  • Gretchen Wheeler
  • Grant Wilson
  • Becky Wise
  • Becky Wolff
  • Tim Wright
  • Todd Wykert
  • Dave Zoby


      This listing was updated on:

Gateway Building (GW)
Specs: 72,000 g.s.f., four floors, $18.25 million.

Current project status:
Opened on schedule in August 2011.

What it is:
Home for one-stop student services, Center for Training and Development, continuing education, administration, and selected academic programs.

Additional benefits:
Will allow remodeling of the Liesinger Administration Building (know known as Liesinger Hall) for additional classrooms, labs and faculty offices. In conjunction with the new Student Union, will serve as a primary connection between upper and lower campus.

Project image
Facility Naming Opportunities: Suggested Levels of Support
Building  :  $2,000,000             Robotics Fabrication Lab/Shop  :  $50,000
Main Lobby – Second Floor  :  $200,000   Robotics Studio  :  $50,000
Board Room  :  $100,000   Design Studio  :  $30,000
Flex Conference Center  :  $100,000   GIS Computer Lab  :  $20,000
Large Meeting Room – Fourth Floor  :  $75,000   Electronics Classrooms  :  $20,000
Lobby – Third Floor  :  $50,000   Drafting Classrooms  :  $20,000
Large Classrooms  :  $50,000   General Classrooms  :  $20,000
Teaching Kitchen  :  $50,000   Small Meeting Rooms  :  $15,000
One Stop Student Service Center  :  $25,000        

Residence Hall (RH)
Specs: 107,000 g.s.f, three floors, $23.5 million.

Current project status:
Opened on schedule in August 2011.

What it is:
450-bed residence hall with modern technology, private bathrooms, lounges, classroom, laundry facilities, and other community spaces.

Additional benefits:
Will allow for removal of old residence halls, relocation of parking lots, and development of the Campus Plaza, a greenspace to beautify and improve pedestrian circulation on campus.

Project image
Facility Naming Opportunities: Suggested Levels of Support
Building  :  $1,500,000             Community Room  :  $30,000
Residence Hall Common Area – Outdoor  :  $150,000   TV/Fireplace Lounge  :  $25,000
Entry Lounge/Classroom  :  $75,000   Community Room  :  $25,000

Music Building (MU)
Specs: 32,000 g.s.f., $16 million est., completion fall 2013.

Current project status:
Project is currently under construction.

What it is:
Home for music curricula, a primary music performance hall, and additional visual arts gallery space. Will complete the "arts district" on the Casper College campus in conjunction with the Krampert Theatre Complex and the Goodstein Visual Arts Center.

Additional benefits:
Will allow for the remodeling and conversion of the Aley Fine Arts Center from a music facility into much needed academic space and faculty offices.

Project image
Facility Naming Opportunities: Suggested Levels of Support
Building  :  $2,000,000             Concert Hall  :  $750,000
Instrumental Rehearsal Hall  :  $150,000   Percussion Rehearsal Hall  :  $40,000
Choral/Lecture/Recital Hall  :  $100,000   Piano Lab  :  $50,000
Lecture/General Classroom  :  $50,000   Conference Room  :  $30,000
Medium Practice Room  :  $15,000   Small Practice Rooms  :  $10,000
Large Practice/Ensemble Room  :  $50,000   Recording Studio  :  $100,000

Early Childhood Learning Center (EC)
Specs: 5,400 g.s.f., one floor, $1.6 million.

Current project status:
Opened January, 2012.

What it is:
Facility to provide laboratory experiences for early childhood education students while providing a learning environment for 52 children.

Additional benefits:
Relocation of center provides better outdoor areas for children while allowing for expansion of the center as Casper College and the Casper Community grow.

Project image
Facility Naming Opportunities: Suggested Levels of Support
Playground  :  $15,000             Infant Room  :  $10,000
Toddler Room  :  $10,000   Preschool  :  $10,000
Activity Room  :  $10,000        

Student Union & UW/CC Center (UU)
Specs: 92,000 g.s.f., four floors, $32 million est., est. completion spring 2014.

Current project status:
Project is currently under construction.

What it is:
Half will be offices, classrooms, and student services for the University of Wyoming/Casper College Center. Half will be student activities offices, food service, student wellness center, meeting rooms, and recreational facilities. In conjunction with the Gateway Building, the UU will serve as a primary connection, including handicap access, between upper and lower campus.

Additional benefits:
Will allow for demolition of Roberts Commons Cafeteria to allow for redevelopment of vehicular and pedestrian traffic routes, beautification of lower campus, and reconfiguration of lower campus parking. Current UW/CC space will be reallocated for instructional programs.

Project image
Facility Naming Opportunities: Suggested Levels of Support
Building  :  $2,000,000             Lounge  :  $25,000
Bookstore  :  $300,000   Student Activities Space  :  $250,000
Convenience Store  :  $150,000   Student Activity Room  :  $100,000
Lobby – First Floor  :  $200,000   Student Government Room  :  $15,000
Lobby – Second Floor  :  $50,000   Student Conference Room  :  $25,000
Health Center  :  $100,000   Student Life Meeting Room  :  $15,000
Group Counseling Room  :  $50,000   Student Life Reception Area  :  $15,000
Counseling Rooms  :  $15,000   Student Life Lobby  :  $30,000
Waiting Area  :  $15,000   Collaboration/Lounge  :  $50,000
Exam Rooms  :  $10,000        

Campus Plaza (CP)
Specs: Located in the area bounded by Liesinger Hall, Saunders Health Science Center, Strausner Center, the Goodstein Foundation Library, and the future UU building. $6 million.

Current Project Status:
DLR/Amundsen architects are approximately 50 percent finished with design of the plaza. Expected completion in 2015.

What it is:
An outdoor green space infused with pedestrian walkways, outdoor gathering areas, lawns, potential bell tower and fountain locations, a seasonal outdoor dining area. Roberts Commons will be demolished and Campus Drive will be rerouted slightly to maximize green space and facilitate safe pedestrian crossings.

Additional benefits:
The Campus Plaza will beautify lower campus by moving parking westward to the site previously occupied by Bailey Hall and Morad Hall.

Project image

Suggested Level of Support
Campus Plaza  :  $500,000
Graph Graph

Naming Opportunities
The names of those who have supported Casper College in the past have become part of the fabric of the campus. The Tate Geological Museum, the Gertrude Krampert Theatre Complex, and the Werner Agricultural Pavilion are but three examples of facilities whose names memorialize those who helped make them possible, and that have changed the lives of the thousands of students who have passed through their doors.The six major construction projects on campus, as well as multiple renovation projects, provide numerous opportunities to honor a family member, pay tribute to a friend, or convey your own commitment to future students. Naming opportunities in conjunction with major gifts remain for facilities ranging from individual classrooms and lobbies, to exterior plazas and artwork, all the way up to prominent campus facilities, such as the Gateway and Music buildings.


For more information contact:
Paulann Doane
Executive Director
Alumni Association
Foundation Home Page
Vision Campus Community
Campaign Brochure
Foundation 101
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